Freelancer's Mindset

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I'm currently working in freelance jobs, but I'm still stuck in a mindset where I tend to predominate in only one or sometimes two clients instead of being much more fluid in building multiple skill sets and taking on new tasks to find the best streams of income. I feel quite strongly that I'm still thinking as if I'm working for an employer rather than being the owner of my own services company in which I am the service and my clients are those I take jobs from.

What sessions would help me shift my thinking and be much more proactive as a freelance worker in whatever field I choose and not get stuck working for one client exclusively as if they were my sole employer? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Samin,

Thank you for your question. There's something to be said for focusing on a few things you do well and building your reputation as a prime provider of those specific skills rather than spreading yourself too thin over many different tasks you don't enjoy or do well.

That said, I've tagged some sessions below. I hope you find one or more of them helpful!

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team