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Positive thinking OR Positive Attitude?

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Hi, I am confused which to get: Positive Thinking or Positive Attitude. Is it possible to give an example (like: if you are this, get this, and if you are that, get that)? Both of the descriptions look the same to me. What is the main difference?

~ Fredeic

Rebekah Hall's picture

Hi Fredeic,

Thank you for your question. To be honest, I'm a bit confused about the difference, myself. :)

Looking at the script descriptions, I see that 'Positive Attitude' says, "The client is invited to select a specific area of life where they wish to develop more positivity and to become aware - in detail - of all the physiological factors that play into negativity in that area." Whereas 'Positive Thinking' (the most recent program, if that helps) says, "The client is invited to carry out a significant life review in which certain elements of their personal experience are highlighted. This approach casts a whole new light on the meaning of these experiences and their implications for the future."

So it may be fair to say that the attitude download helps you approach future situations with greater positivity, while the thinking download helps you feel more positive in how you think about past events.

But they do sound like different approaches for similar issues, since not everyone responds to the same approach. So I'd recommend picking one (or both) and seeing how you get on with it. Our refund policy allows you 90 days to evaluate the program, so if you'd like to exchange or refund within three months, you need only ask.

Best wishes,

Uncommon Care Team

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