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Question about elderly people and hypnosis

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Has anyone had experience using hypnosis downloads in very elderly people and has it been effective? My mother, who's in her 70s, has had a good life, but is now experiencing definite memory and personality changes. She's become very negative and unhappy, but never used to be this way. Could hypnosis help?

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Hi there,

Hypnosis can benefit anyone of any age. :) I personally know a woman in her 70s who uses our pain relief downloads and finds them helpful. Mark has helped people in nursing homes. And accounts of Milton Erickson's cases talk of him helping older people with pain and other issues.

I've marked below some downloads you could look at for your mother.

Something else to consider is what may have happened around the time she started to change. If there's some event that may have sparked the growth of the negativity, it may be that's what she needs to work on (for example, if she lost someone close to her, maybe she didn't complete the grieving process properly or maybe it just reminded her of her own mortality).

I hope this helps.

Best wishes to you and your mother,

Uncommon Care Team