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"I couldn't believe what I saw. Beautiful pink skin with no scaring! The warts were "dying" and we were ecstatic"

"My son is 12 now. He started with warts 2 years ago. I would estimate he had about 14 warts on his hands. They started out on his fingers - no big deal we froze those. Within a matter of a few months they started spreading to the cuticles and that's where the probelm began. One grew under his nail and he endured painful lancing and freezing along with acid treatments."

"I remember this past June taking him in and I nearly passed out in the doctor's office. They had to dig deep and it was horrible. We continued to go for a few more months every 2 weeks and we had just had enough. I couldn't put him through it and he couldn't endure anymore pain. We decided to stop going and the warts continued to spread... Just like a monster, tiny clusters would appear on his fingers here and there, and everywhere."

"The doctor had exhausted the treatments that he could offer in his office and so he referred us for laser treatment at a local hospital. The problem with laster treatments is that during laser treatments the wart is pulverized and the wart virus spreads through the air. Studies have shown that individuals who breathe this wart virus have a higher incidence of lung cancer. I wasn't interested in being another statistic so I stayed away from that."

"I have always said that if you believe in something strongly enough and use the power of positive thinking that you can overcome anything. I guess this little guy was listening because one night he accessed your website and he downloaded your 'Wart Treatment' hypnosis download. We decided he should listen to the download before he went to bed."

"I need to be honest and tell you that he was not diligent about doing it everyday. This was 2 months ago. The other day he showed me his hands and I couldn't believe what I saw. Beautiful pink skin with no scaring! The warts were "dying" and we were ecstatic! I should have taken before and after photos because the difference is astronomical."

This story came from Melissa Armer who is a homemaker from Los Angeles, California

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