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Testimonials for the Cure Vaginismus Hypnosis Session

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"I've gone from painful sexual intercourse to completely reclaiming my sexuality"

Really shocked and relieved to say this worked incredibly well. The first few days were quite emotional - I thought things were getting worse instead of better and I was very stressed about it. However, the track really worked. I was cured (completely) and I never thought I would be.

I did occasional Kegel exercises to enhance my recovery, but other than that I can fully credit the hypnosis as the cure for my personal journey with vaginismus which I have had moderately for about 7 years, making sex painful and sometimes impossible, after a few traumatic medical procedures and subsequent uncomfortable sexual experiences mounding the issue. I would never usually leave such personal feedback, but I wished someone had left some when I was looking for a solution.

I was worried that this track being cheaper than many others I found would mean it was not as high quality. I was relieved to find I was wrong. I'm not a big hypnosis believer, but I would struggle to say this wasn't a bit of a miracle cure for something that scared me so much, and which I thought would never change.

I've gone from painful sexual intercourse to completely reclaiming my sexuality and loving every second of discovering my body when it's working with me.

If you're not sure - try it. And stick with it for at least a week. I recommend a really lovely environment at least for the first few days so you can take care of yourself and feel safe and relaxed. I did it 5-7 times a week for roughly 2 or 3 weeks (less so in the last 1.5 weeks as it really 'clicked' and I felt like it was probably already working!). Sending love and strength to anybody struggling with vaginismus. You aren't alone and it's so possible to overcome. X

This story came from Flo who is from London, UK.

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