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"I am finally beginning to feel my confidence and trust in life returning....and then some!"

Barbara Radford

I absolutely love the help that hypnosis has given me over the past few months! Almost 3 years ago my housecoat caught on fire. It lit so fast I was in process of desperately trying to untie it as my arm was a full foot in flames, my hair was on fire and I could feel the heat approaching my body and hear the whooshing combustion of the flames. I had about 5 seconds to get out of that situation or I was going to be fully engulfed, full body. I had the terror of my life...indescribable scream, paralysis and fear. My friend arrived on the scene and managed to wrap me in a rug... just in time. A year of physical recovery followed.

Eight months later I started feeling the effects of PTSD. Fear and rage. I have had many treatments for this over the past year and I would really like to endorse the 'Trust Again' download I received in the Insecurity in Relationships series. You see the problem with PTSD due to a big T trauma such as I have been experiencing, is that it uncovers any sort of shaky foundation we have already. It must be dealt with or it only gets worse. I know from my training as a counselor and from my personal experience.

I particularly find the Trust Again download to be both soothing and healing. Trust in life goes completely out the window when a person experiences the kind of trauma I experienced. Near death without the angels and light :) It was hard to trust others, the world, myself.....

The download is brilliant, and I listen to it every day in conjunction with the other therapies I have been doing. I am finally beginning to feel my confidence and trust in life returning....and then some!

Thanks so much for these downloads. The brain truly responds, in a relaxed state, to the positive words on the downloads. Sometimes we have to get past our thinking brain to soothe our more primitive selves. I am looking forward to the many other options offered by Hypnosis Downloads.

Thanks so much for profoundly helping me with my recovery!

This story came from Barbara Radford who is a High School Counselor from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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