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"I AM ASTOUNDED...You've given me my life back."

Photo of Kelly Hall

I'm not even sure how to start this...maybe at the beginning, I guess....

I worked Specialized Security for years...took a lot of damage, physical and mental. I dealt with a lot, both at work and in general. I'm an empath, you see, so I was taking emotional damage on a regular basis along with the standard stuff everyone in a uniform deals with, whether I was wearing one or not.

About three to four years ago I got up to go to work one morning but literally couldn't leave the house...and goodness knows I tried. Took me about a month to realize that I had mentally broken down. Psychologically I had fallen apart. It happens, I know...but not to me. It took another two years to get diagnosed with a mental break causing Fibromyalgia. Doctors were telling me I had lost it and simply kept giving me pills upon pills, none of which I could take, even if I had wanted to. My brain started triggering anxiety at the thought of taking something that altered my control. Anxiety turned to panic. I developed Monophobia... Agoraphobia...fear of travel and eventually fear of leaving the house altogether. Depression set in. I was literally a shadow of who I used to be...even I knew that. Trapped.

I had tried everything I could think of to put the pieces of myself back together. I tried to rebuild my empathic walls so I could sort out everything in my own head. Hard to do when you go days without sleep because the fear rips you apart, minute by minute. Then I found your site. I sorted through programs. Then I figured...why not? I tried everything else, so try this.

I AM ASTOUNDED. I bought several of your self-hypnosis MP3s...and plunged in with faint hope. It's been almost two weeks and today not only did I manage to leave the house and get in the car but I managed to drive through full rush hour traffic and go to two places that trigger my panic the hardest.

I can't express my gratitude to y'all. I'm still giddy as I type this. I know that my battle must still be fought but now I feel as though I have a chance. I'll never be who I was but I'll just chalk that up to another war with scars I survived. You've given me my life back.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This story came from Kelly Hall who is from Marystown, NF, Canada.

"I first used it prior to a special anniversary trip to the Bahamas with my husband, and it worked great."

Jan Petz

I just wanted to share that I have had trouble for years with becoming ill when I travel, caused by nerves and worry. But not after I purchased Fear of Travel download! I first used it prior to a special anniversary trip to the Bahamas with my husband, and it worked great. I only had a small bit of anxiety at the first of the trip, then really enjoyed myself the remainder of the time. I listened to Fear of Travel again prior to a recent weekend holiday where I was traveling by myself (the nerves/worry level was on the rise!) and I have to tell you, the friends and family I met up with at the final destination were amazed at the difference. I actually felt like EATING (this was a biggie in the past - too nervous to eat!) and had a relaxed, wonderful time at the beach. Thank you so much for these wonderful downloads. They have really changed my life!

This story came from Jan Petz, who is a Philanthropist/Communications from Denver, Colorado, USA

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