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"It helped immediately"

I suffered from jaw clenching at night for years. My pain got so bad that I incurred the expense of a night-time retainer and wore this for over a year. It helped some but not entirely and was difficult to get used to wearing. I sought out your downloads and tried the TMJ Teeth Grinding one and it helped immediately. It taught me, without me knowing it, how to relax my jaw plus a lot of the time it put me into a light relaxing sleep.

This success led me to purchase Ignore Snoring which also helped me greatly. Yes, I still hear the snoring of my husband at times but this doesn't send me into a panicked frenzy anymore, I just say to myself "hum, he is snoring" and I go right back to sleep. I would recommend that others seek out all the varied hypnosis downloads offered and try one. Most are less than 30 minutes long, are a great way to step back and relax in our busy lives, and they REALLY do work. Thank you Hypnosis Downloads for all your efforts in making these available to the public and for continuing to add to your library.

This story came from Shelly Johnson who is from Mexico.

"After the first listen, my jaw was better, and I could slowly open it without too much trouble."

Once or twice in maybe 25 or 30 years, I had a severe pain in my jaw that a dentist identified as TMJ. I recall him saying there was little he could do about it. About a year ago, while eating lunch my jaw stopped working--shut clam-tight! Trying to open it was extremely painful. I had noticed a download called TMJ Pain Relief on the Uncommon Knowledge Web site, and decided to try it, recalling the dentist's words that there wasn't much he could do.

After the first listen, my jaw was better, and I could slowly open it without too much trouble. Still had some difficulty chewing and stayed with soft food the rest of the day. Listened again before going to sleep that night, and in the morning to my utter amazement the pain was greatly diminished, almost gone. Listened again to the download that second morning, and then again that night just before bed. Waking up the third morning the pain was completely and totally gone and my jaw was working as easily as ever. Amazing! Just to make sure I had totally absorbed the material in the download, I finished out a week of listening every night before going to bed.

It seemed to be a complete cure, and for over a year it has been. I am now completely free of all TMJ problems. Based on my experience I would recommend this download unconditionally to anyone suffering from TMJ issues.

This story came from Steve G who is from Texas, USA.

"A few weeks later, it occurred to me that there was no longer any pain at all!"

I have suffered occasional bouts of TMJ over many years. Recently, I noticed the intense pain again everytime I released my jaw - which I had been unconsciously clenching. I decided to try TMJ Pain Relief, knowing that at the very least, it couldn't do any harm, and noticed within a few days, a little relief. A few weeks later, it occurred to me that there was no longer any pain at all! I don't remember when it happened as it seemed I had even forgotten about the discomfort. It really did work for me and would recommend this download without reservation.

This story came from Sharon Dunn who is a full-time caregiver from West Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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