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"When things crop up and I get a bit anxious, positive words come to mind"

I've been listening to 'Overcome Fear and Anxiety' and 'Stop Thinking the Worst' for two weeks and would like to say a BIG thank you. These recordings are the best for anxiety. I have found repeatedly listening to the AWARE technique seems to help me stay calm when facing some difficult work situations last week. I only felt a little bit anxious but it went away quite quickly after picturing the AWARE billboard in my mind. This audio works well with 'Stop Thinking the Worst', which my hypnotherapist has given me a session on too.

The 'Overcome Fear and Anxiety' audio is also very calming and hits the right spot. I listen to it at night and it sends me to sleep. Often in the day when things crop up and I get a bit anxious, positive words come to mind - 'expect the best' or 'wait and see' - and most times the problem turns out fine by just stepping back for a minute and watching instead of my imagination thinking up the 'worst'. The AWARE technique and reframing in both recordings really help this. Thank you!

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Barbara Dillon

" My horrible job is now interesting, I've started making friends, I feel like doing things and I'm getting organized "

" Why I Highly Recommend Uncommon Knowledge: Do these downloads make a difference? You bet they do! The bottom line is this. My husband and I thought it was bad after the Wall Street collapse when he and I lost our jobs and had to sell our home on the lake and move to the desert, but it got oh so much worse after my eldest son passed away. I couldn't go on without the help of prescription pills (antidepressants, anti-anxiety, sleeping pills) that my doctor said would eventually help me - as long as I kept taking them.

Well I did keep taking them for a couple of years and I kept getting sicker and sicker - sadder and sadder and nothing worked. Out of absolute desperation I tried some downloads from Uncommon Knowledge. After my first two downloads (Overcome Fear and Anxiety and Stop Thinking the Worst) I started feeling better and was able to handle my new stressful job at a call center. So I purchased a few more interesting downloads (Drift off To Sleep and the Meaning of Life) and after 3 weeks I started taking fewer and fewer pills (with my Doctor's help).

Now 6 weeks after buying my first download I no longer take any pills, I'm enjoying my job, I sleep well at night and I'm a happier person. I decided to join the Growth Zone so I can get my downloads cheaper and so I could get all the other extras (the pod casts etc). I've bought over 25 downloads (at my Growth Zone discounted price) and have found each one has helped me in a very specific area... sometimes after only listening to it once or twice. My horrible job is now interesting, I've started making friends, I feel like doing things (the download Overcome Lethargy helped after only 1 listen) and I'm getting organized (okay I may have to listen to that download many many times). Each time I bump into a situation, person or experience that I'm not happy with, I'm able to find a download that speaks directly to the situation. And they work!!!

And the staff at Uncommon Knowledge is responsive and caring. I never thought I'd find a way out of the depression, fear, and unhappiness that was ruing my life and my health, but I did. After joining the Growth Zone and using my downloads from Uncommon Knowledge I am happier and healthier than I've been in years, and it just keeps getting better."

This story came from Barbara Dillon who is from Casa Grande, Arizona

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