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"A few friends have mentioned that they are grateful I reached out to start inviting them to spend time out of their art studios and homes..."

I'm writing to express thanks to your team.

At the time when I downloaded my sessions, I was spending most of my time alone and I thought inviting my friends over would be interrupting their busy schedules. I valued their friendships but I didn't reach out; always thinking to myself "they're probably tired after work" or "I'm sure they already have plans for this weekend". In retrospect I believe I was avoiding rejection. I feared people I care about telling me they didn't want to spend time with me, and so felt safer by only responding to others who made an effort first.

Finally, I looked for a session about this because after I moved to a new city I considered that I might be meeting new people but nipping relationships in the bud, due to a fear that I knew to be illogical and unnecessary.

Whether that was true at the time or not, the script included a metaphor of tending a garden and that was ideal for changing my feeling about socializing.

The ideas that 1) putting forth some effort was not dangerous, and 2) things might not grow or develop exactly as planned but still might result in a lovely garden, really freed me up. At first I noticed myself making more friendly, deeper contact with people online, then I began inviting people over for cocktails or snacks after work during the summer. Now, a few years later, I have friends over for snacks and games 2-3 times per week (in spite of being tired after work, we enjoy each other's company) and I host large parties every season or so. My everyday life has change tremendously from how it was coming home from work each night back in 2008. A few friends have mentioned that they are grateful I reached out to start inviting them to spend time out of their art studios and homes. They were probably feeling the same way I did at that time.

Just this week (while preparing for the year-end party) I noticed the "socializing" session in my mp3 library and was moved to write you when I thought about the changes I've seen since first listening to it. As the scripts says, changes were not instant (it developed over such time I almost didn't notice the connection!), but I believe that calming the uncertain feelings about socializing was fundamental to beginning my current relationships. I'm thoroughly convinced of how powerful revising negative patterns and instincts can be, so next I will work on thinking big for success in my career. I look forward to writing another note of gratitude in a year or so when I've succeeded beyond my family's (and possibly my own) expectations :)

The positive impact of your work is evident and I wish the best for your team and the future of Uncommon Knowledge. Thank you!

This story came from K. Yuu, who is an Architect Assistant from Washington DC, USA.

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