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Testimonials for the Overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome Hypnosis Session

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"Each day, he made improvement with how quickly he'd be able to start urinating"

My five-year-old son was still not fully potty trained. We've spent two years trying everything. He'd sit on the toilet fine, but would refuse to urinate. We finally figured out that he was too nervous to release. I decided to give hypnosis a try and because of quarantine, we couldn't really go somewhere for it, so I found Hypnosis Downloads.

At bedtime, we laid in his bed together and listened to "Shy Bladder". I expected him to resist or want to do something else. I was incredibly surprised that he listened to the entire thing without moving a muscle and he hadn't fallen asleep either. Every night for a week, he even asked to listen to it.

But even more astounding was the progress he made. Each day, he made improvement with how quickly he'd be able to start urinating. At this point, he's able to urinate almost immediately. He'll still ask to listen to the session every few nights, but he's usually asleep before it ends, which is honestly a win too. This download has literally changed our lives, and I couldn't be happier.

This story came from Dan who is from Massachusetts, USA.

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