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"It has made such a difference to my life already"

Over the years, I became extremely sensitive to smell. A single whiff of a fragrance that had the mystery 'ingredient' I thought I was reacting to would trigger an immediate headache. I have had to walk out of many social occasions, often change train carriages, seats in theatres, etc.

To cut a long story short, it all culminated last week and I felt I was getting assaulted by fragrances everywhere. I downloaded the 'sensitivity to fragrance' hypnosis session as a matter of sheer desperation, not imagining it would actually work.

It had an immediate effect. In the last week, the car I just bought seems to no longer have any leftover deodorizer smell, I can wash my hands with a hotel soap that I know would have affected me in the past, I can get a whiff of someone's perfume at the markets and continue walking behind them without any issue. Thank you to Roger Elliot and his time. I'm astounded and it has made such a difference to my life already.

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