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Jan Petz

"Thanks so much for this wonderful work . Life is a bit better now for this 70 yr old man."

I purchased your Ease Restless Legs Syndrome download a while back and no longer have that problem. I was given a prescription by the Neurologist which had bad side effects; then I tried an all 'natural' pill and that worked but was very costly and only would last for four hours or less at a time. No more do I have that problem with lack of sleep and tearing my bed apart each night from the restless legs.

Mark Tyrrell speaks the perfect words, the tone is perfect, his inflections are perfect. Everything is wonderful with this.

I also have Crohns' Disease with some serious symptoms. Matter of fact, I have surgery in a few weeks for two strictures that caused a blockage with a week in hospital. I know the Ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome will not cure Crohns and there is no known cure; however I am sure it will do as it says and at least ease some of the symptoms. So, I will be purchasing that in a while.

Thanks so much for this wonderful work. Life is a bit better now for this 70 yr old man.

This story came from Matthew McCarthy, who is a Retired Bishop from Gainesville, Florida, USA

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