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"I feel like I have my life back!"

I was experiencing debilitating panic attacks, having six within eight months (unable to board a plane to see dear friends, unable to drive up into the mountains, overwhelmed on public transportation, in crowds, and during wind storms). I started listening to Stop Panic Attacks every night and also when I first noticed anxiety symptoms beginning. I was able to calm down just by listening and my panic attacks stopped.

I haven't had one in the 18 months since I started listening to this download. I've been able to fly multiple times without issue. I feel so very grateful for this resource and have recommended it to everyone I know who struggles with high anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you, Roger Elliot, Uncommon Knowledge and Hypnosis Downloads! I feel like I have my life back!

This story came from Rachel who is from Colorado, USA.

"'Stop Panic Attacks' changed my life in one day. Yes, in one day."

I want to take a few minutes to tell you how your program 'Stop Panic Attacks' changed my life in one day. Yes, in one day. I'm a single Mom with two kids who just graduated college. My daughter was going to on grad school and my son onto a full time job. My daughter struggled getting financing, my son couldn't find a job and notices of student loans were upon us. The financial stress was overwhelming. And then one day it happened...a panic attack. I couldn't breathe and my adrenaline was flowing through me like a tsunami. Lucky for me I had been a distance runner for 30 years. I put my running shoes on and took off like the wind.

I was having 10 to 12 panic attacks a day when I ordered your Stop Panic Attacks and Overcome the Fear of Poverty. A powerful combination! I listened to them on Sunday morning and again Sunday night and honestly have to say I never looked back. That was the last of my panic attacks. I continued to listen to the programs when I went to sleep for several nights.

So here's the kicker, I'm a Counselor of Hypnotherapy. Even though I help others, I couldn't pull myself out of the panic. I have referred your programs to many people.

Thank you again!

This story came from Judy who is a Counselor of Hypnotherapy from New Jersey, USA

"I got quite a few of your downloads and it's near enough cured me."

"I had bad panic attacks and couldn't get in a car or train or any transport as i would have a panic attack."

"I got quite a few of your downloads and it's near enough cured me. I still can't explain why I couldn't travel as I wasn't scared of having an accident or anything. Felt a bit claustrophobic."

"So thank you soooo much for your brilliant downloads! :)"

This story came from Francesca Lock who is from Sevenoaks, England

"The attacks have been easing..."

"I was a bit hesitant at first about downloading a hypnosis recording, but I was quite desperate when I found your site, which came from a link from another site. I decided to give it a go after visiting all your web pages and the price helped as well had it been any more then I would have been much more reluctant to try the download."

"The first download I tried was ' Stress Management Training'. At the time when I first downloaded it I was in a total mess. I had just lost one job, had started another and was about to lose that. I thought I was about to go crazy, and was frightened even to go to the doctors in case he locked me up. I had gone sick from work and was finding it hard even to go out with experiencing major stress symptoms. The stress download calmed me down just enough to be able to get to the doctors."

"I found out from the doctor that I wasn't going crazy but had been experiencing claustrophobia, which had led to having panic attacks. I was experiencing four or more panic attacks a day some minor ones but occasionally major ones. Panic means you go into fight, flight or freeze, when I was in fight I was telling people to leave me alone, in a not so polite manner, when I was in flight I would just walk out of the room without warning, occasionally I would freeze, when this happened I would just stand or sit where I was motionless, this led to my colleagues complaining that I wasn't doing any work."

"When I found out that I was having panic attacks I downloaded your ' Stop Panic Attacks' download, which has really helped. The attacks have been easing. At first I was listening to the recording after every attack, recently I have hardly listened to it at all as I don't need to but have been trying to preempt situations and have been listening to it before going into situations which may create a panic attack such as busy shops or meetings."

"Having just lost a good job due to the panic attacks caused by the claustrophobia, I was feeling a huge failure so have also downloaded ' Overcoming Fear of Failure', this has helped me see that losing my job can be positive - without losing it I wouldn't have found out about the claustrophobia which has been affecting my life for years without me knowing what it is. And actually is can be possible to create a good life for oneself, if you can understand what you really want from life and be prepared to make the effort to attain it. I am now going to try the claustrophobia tape and see if I can start to sort that out before the end of my sick leave when I have to go back into the office."

"If some one has had a diagnosis of panic attacks I would recommend the panic attack recording to them, the recording focuses on being calm and calmness is what I feel is needed, when your head is spinning and your breathing is out of control during an attack this recording helps bring it under control. After having an attack I found that I was exhausted, and again playing the track let me drift into a relaxing sleep."

"Thank you to the team at Hypnosis Downloads for giving me some of the tools I need to start to make my life a lot happier one. Please continue developing your site, and please, please continue with the psychological research, and don't fall into the trap of thinking everybody wants to be rushing around like headless chickens achieving, achieving, achieving. Most people I know want to love and be loved, have somewhere comfortable to live, enough money to pay the bills with a little left over, and of course have good health with which to enjoy it, but then again that's not for everybody."

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