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"I could relate so much to the binge eating and emotional eating downloads..."

"I'm a marriage and family therapist intern in the State of California."

"I have attended a couple of conferences hosted by the Milton Erikson Foundation and started to become interested in hypnotherapy when I attended one of Dr. Jeffery Zeig's workshops. My sister has been a loyal fan of Uncommon Knowledge for several months and sent me the information concerning your website and Hypnosisdownloads.com."

"From the first session, I was convinced! I have been utilizing the downloads regularly and I can't even describe how much hypnotherapy has changed my life. My biggest obstacle was my problems with eating. I have struggled for several years to stop the bad habits and emotional eating that I learned during my childhood. "

"I downloaded the 'Weight Loss Hypnosis Package' and for the first time in my life, I finally feel as though I'm eating to live, not living to eat! I could relate so much to the binge eating and emotional eating downloads; it seemed like they were talking directly to me. I have lost 12 pounds over the past few months by changing my eating habits and now I cook healthy meals at home regularly. I also have cut sweets out of my diet and I'm amazed at how I don't crave sweets anymore. I'm also amazed at how healthy I feel overall; everything is much different. The biggest test was getting through this holiday season without bingeing and gaining weight! This is the first holiday season I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not feel tempted by fattening and sweet foods!"

"Thank you so much for these downloads. I'm looking forward to learning more about hypnosis and I can't wait to try out my new 'Powerful Reframes CDs', which I believe will help me improve my therapeutic skills. Thank you again!"

This story came from Lisa who is a Marriage and Family Therapist from California. USA

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