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Testimonials for the Beat Fear and Anxiety Pack Hypnosis Download

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"I downloaded your Fear and Anxiety pack, and it has been a godsend."

About a month ago I started a new job involving computers, which I am not very familiar with. It was very stressful, especially as the person training me had a bit of a grudge against the organisation so took it out on me by not being available most of the time. But I kept at it and have done a pretty good job.

After 2 weeks though I developed insomnia, so went to the doctor who prescribed me Zopiclone. I then started to get a pounding heart and free-floating anxiety which began to stick around all day, making it even harder to sleep. I thought this was just a reaction to the stress but it turns out that this is a common reaction to Zopiclone, not that the doctors told me this, I discovered that out from a forum on the web! In the meantime though I downloaded your Fear and Anxiety pack, and it has been a godsend. It took the edge off the anxiety and got me on the right road to improving my general health with tips on breathing, exercise, good diet etc.

Thank you so much! I took myself off the Zopiclone and after a miserable 2 days withdrawing feel so much better now. I have always been a bit of a stressed-out person, due to a pretty horrible childhood, and am starting to work on that now with the downloads everyday.

Thanks again

This story came from Ruth who is from Auckland, New Zealand.

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