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Testimonials for Noise Sensitivity (Misophonia) Treatment Hypnosis Session

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"I have instant control over the feelings and am no longer constantly on edge."

I tried hypnotherapy about 40 years ago for anxiety and it worked back then, so when I started having issues again with anxiety and in particular my reactions to sounds and expected sounds, I thought I would give it another go.

I stumbled across your products on YouTube and have to say it was probably the best accidental video I have ever watched. I purchased the Noise Sensitivity session, tried it out daily for 4 days. I noticed the difference after the first two days, still triggered by dogs suddenly barking, but I have instant control over the feelings and am no longer constantly on edge waiting for them. I was a bit shocked by the result, so using my smart watch I measured my stress level before every session - some times normal, sometimes high, but after listening to the session there was always a drop, sometimes dramatic down to relaxed levels. This happens every session. I have since downloaded additional programs to reduce my general anxiety levels and anger. So far I am very pleased after 7 days of use.

This story came from David Rush who is an oil field worker from Pattaya, Thailand.

"So refreshingly helpful"

Having gone through a particularly tough spell, this hypnosis programme has helped me re-anchor myself and find peace within. Coming from mindfulness meditation, where I didn't get enough guidance, the creative and calm way Roger leads you down the path towards a calm, focused mindset is so refreshingly helpful.

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"I can actually experience a pleasant meal with others"

I have suffered with misophonia for over 30 years without knowing that there was actually a name for it until I came across an article describing this syndrome. I have 5 children and 2 of them suffer with this. It can actually be very debilitating at times. It definitely alters your life. I came across Uncommon Knowledge and upon listening to description of misophonia and that hypnosis could help with this, I had to try it. And it has!!! I can actually experience a pleasant meal with others.

This story came from Carol Rowe who is a Physical Therapist from Florida, USA.

"Somebody in hard shoes, rolling something heavy across the wood floor above my bed, then intermittently dropping things..."

"I'm a singer/songwriter living in an apartment building outside NYC. I have a real sensitivity to the noise of people above me, to the point where I would first fly into a rage at the sound of heavy footsteps on bare floors, or running children (though I'd never raise my voice to neighbors). Then, because I felt like a "captive audience" in my own home, I'd just sink into depression.

The apartment upstairs has been vacant for the last couple of weeks; blissful silence. Then, last Wednesday night as I was drifting to sleep at nearly 10 p.m., I heard the first sounds of the new tenant upstairs: Somebody in hard shoes, rolling something heavy across the wood floor above my bed, then intermittently dropping things. Because there is nothing but hollow space between our floors and ceilings, the wood floors effectively act as drum heads, amplifying the sound into the space below; in other words, into my hitherto quiet bedroom. Up I got out of bed, took two Benadryl (they help me sleep), and then I climbed back into bed, praying desperately for the meds to kick in. Finally, I drifted off.

The next day, I felt a shot of mild panic every time I thought of returning home from work. I knew I had until 6 p.m. to have some sort of plan for dealing with this issue. I knew I wouldn't be over it by then, of course, but to know there was help available would at least give me some hope.

I didn't realize until I did a little online research that my inordinate aversion to certain noises has a name: Misophonia. Once I found out, I used that as a search word and discovered, first, Mark Tyrrell's article; then, on another website, the Hypnosis Downloads download (which, I didn't realize at the time, would also be given by Mark).

I found it so helpful that I returned to the site next morning and purchased 8 more downloads on various subjects important to me, including -- of all things -- songwriting!

I am so happy to have these!

Oh, and today, the new guy upstairs played his TV a little too loudly (which, really, wasn't that loud; I just didn't want to hear it at all). All I had to do was reach for my mp3 player, lie quietly in bed, and listen again to the misophonia self-hypnosis track. Thank goodness for Mark and Roger and this amazing resource!"

This story came from Vittoria Conn who is a Singer Songwriter from New York City

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