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"All the previous insecurities that I had...have disappeared."

I want to say thank you. Over the last two weeks, I changed tack in dealing with my depression, which has been extremely bad in the last year. I have been using Unloved as a Child and Overcome a Troubled Childhood in the morning on waking, and alternating No Regrets (which is my all-time favourite), Let it Go, and Let Go of the Past. I love listening to them, it's so relaxing.

The great thing is that I am no longer anxious or depressed. All the previous insecurities that I had, including some I didnt even realise I had until they were gone, have disappeared and I feel like what I imagined 'normal people' felt like. I'm not hung up on all the things that used to cause horrendous repetitive thoughts, I don't even think about them now and if they do pop into my head for a second I just mentally swat them away because they aren't important to me now.

I just wanted to let you know what a huge difference you have made. Thank you all so much for all your work.

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