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"A long time habit just evaporated."

Allen Hosey

I'm a guy who leads a balanced life and continually works at improving myself. Shortly after starting with Hypnosis Downloads I set myself a little self improvement challenge. I decided to stop late night snacking, and to cure my serious fear of heights so I could paint the outside of my house.

I'm fairly hefty and have late night snacked almost nightly for 35 years (whether I need it or not). A sandwich and a glass of beer or milk does it for me. In July 2012, I bought the Late Night Snacking MP3. I only played the MP3 about 4 evenings and I just quit snacking! No flash of lightning or revelation: I just lost interest in a late night snack! A long time habit just evaporated.

Fear of heights was even more amazing because once I get a few rungs off the ground I developed a death grip that immobilized me. In only 3 nightly sessions with the Fear of Heights tape I was able to climb much higher and get my painting done. I'm still not completely over my fear of heights-I still have a healthy respect for the risks, but my house is looking a lot better.

This story came from Allen Hosey who is a Retired Investment Manager from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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