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Testimonials for the Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis Download

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"...unbelievably, miraculously I have actually stopped biting my nails!"

"I have recently purchased the "Stop Nail Biting" download and unbelievably, miraculously I have actually stopped biting my nails! I know this will probably be a small surprise to you, but to me it is nothing short of amazing.

I am a 29 year-old and I have been biting my nails ever since I was a child. All attempts to stop it lead nowhere, I have just shifted to biting the skin around my cuticles.

I work as a university researcher and when I felt stressed or needed to concentrate, I would savage my fingers until they bled. Usually, I did not even notice that I have started biting until I felt pain.

After listening to your download for the first time, I awoke with a new consciousness about my fingers. During the day, I would sometimes put a finger to my mouth, but I noticed it immediately and stopped myself before actually doing any biting.

I listened to the download for a week and the urge to bite lessened and disappeared. I always thought, that breaking my nail-biting habit was a question of having a strong will-power and I blamed myself for being too weak.

Your download has changed my view of myself. Thank you very much! I'll keep listening. Kindest Regards."

This story came from Helena who is working as a university researcher from Dresden, Germany.

"When the nails were too short I'd start attacking the skin around. I listened to the Stop Nail Biting download once and stopped biting"

"Dear Roger,

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know about the SUCCESS I had with the nailbiting download. I am 49 years old and have bitten my nails my entire life. My fingers tips were bloody stubs for as long as I can remember.

When the nails were too short I'd start attacking the skin around. I listened to the 'Stop Nail Biting' download once and stopped biting, followed through with a 2nd time a week later for reinforcement and 1 a month or two later just to make sure it stuck. I HAVE NOT BITTEN MY NAILS since the first time. I've broken a few (not used to them being that long. My husband gives my new polished nails wolf whistles. When I feel a tingle in my finger tip which used to be a call to put it in my mouth, I now give the finger a squeeze right on the tip. I am doing this before I even realize. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I have also downloaded the depression series and am having equally great success with that. I am on the 8th session and have already incorporated a different way of thinking and responding to things and have learned to "relax myself" .. A skill I have never had. Although I am basically an optimistic, positive person I felt I was swimming upstream against what I believe was a depression that was a result of inherited genes. Now I do not see the depression as part of me, but as a (don't laugh) large black monkey that crawls on my back, and I can push him off if I want to. I see the negative thoughts not as my own but as his, and I am able to shut them off. This new attitude and approach toward life had dramatically changed my life already and I can't wait to complete the last sessions.

Please share my story with others. When people huff at me about hynosis with nose in air, I point out to them all of the negative imagery we are force fed everyday. The newest favorite is a medication for depression that (with violins sadly playing in back) says "Depression is painful, it makes you hurt... If you are experiencing..." How many people after hearing that once or twice start feeling aches and pains??? Given a choice I prefer to feed my mind healthy images that are consistent with how I want to spend my life. I have found your downloads are very positive and reinforce that decision."

This story came from Barbara A. Bellin, who is a President at CTT Enterprises LLC

"It worked, I have wonderful nails now, and I am hooked on self-hypnosis, I am a true believer!!"

"Hi, (some background) I am 43 and I work fulltime and am a fulltime college student.

I have chewed my fingernails my whole life and have tried many things to quit, with no results. Needless to say about 6 months ago I stumbled upon your nail biting self-hypnosis, and thought why not, although I am a skeptic!! It worked, I have wonderful nails now, and I am hooked on self-hypnosis, I am a true believer!!

I was shocked when I noticed that not was I not biting my nails and they were growing but, they were getting stronger, before they were paper thin and would just bend over, but not now, and I have not done anything different EXCEPT listen to this download. (it still sounds silly to me) but I believe!!"

This story came from Cynthia Huff who is a student from Hamilton, Illinois in the United States.

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