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Testimonials for the Ease Migraines Hypnosis Download

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"my wife has also found that she has improved sleep which her migraine would disturb"

"Following very difficult personal circumstances arising after I suffered a complex multiple fracture of my shoulder - immobilizing my 'good arm' - upon which I had been dependent for some 27 years since my disablement in a RTA which caused my left sided weakness and multiple disabilities."

"This hospitalised me for 3 weeks & two operations to plate my shoulder during which time my father was taken into hospital seriously ill and I have been off work for 4 months."

"During my recovery period I have used self induced hypnotic relaxation to effect pain control and found the downloads effective in providing me with a more positive outlook and a relaxed calm mind to help me take assertive actions when dealing with difficult/strained personal relationships; also to feel more confident when going out and travelling on public transport. In addition I have felt further benefits from the ' Energy Booster' download which has helped restore my flagging general energy and motivation, to do things."

"Finally I have found the ' Weight Loss Motivation' download has contributed in my losing pounds effortlessly. I have even found that the ' Cure Dental Phobia' download has helped my young sons reduce their anxiety about visiting the dentist and my wife has also found that she has improved sleep after using the ' Get Rid of Migraines' download for her migraine which persistently disturbs her quality of sleep!"

"So you will understand why I am so pleased with your downloads and am spreading the word amongst my colleagues, my having recently trained as a more classical hypnotherapist and am now seeking the Ericksonian scripts your downloads employ to help me understand this approach better. Thank you!"

This story came from Sidney Oliver who is a Social Worker/Hypnotherapist from Puckeridge, Hertfordshire, England

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