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Testimonials for the Martial Arts Hypnosis Session

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"Thanks for helping keep me safe while at work"

Thank you for the recordings that kept me from bodily harm and possible hospital stay. Your recordings are awesome and, to be blunt, possibly life saving.

I wanted to thank you for the martial arts recordings. I had the unfortunate opportunity to use it at the prison I worked at when an inmate wanted to fight. He decided retreat was the better part of valor when I twice blocked his attempt and stood beside him so fast his jaw hit the floor. I never had another problem with him.

And another incident recently happened with another inmate. He would not get up for count. An officer pulled his blanket off of him. He did not move. I took his pants leg to get him up. He jumped up, got in my face. Before he knew it, I had reacted and placed him against the wall. The other officer told me it happened so fast he did not have a chance to move. He was still standing there with his hands open to get the inmate.

Needless to say, this has helped me see before the opponent knows you see him move. Thanks for helping keep me safe while at work.

This story came from Leslie Nelms who is from Georgia, USA.

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