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"The pain had restricted my exercise, but not now."

Thank you so much! I've had knee pain from driving a lot in my work; I'm a support worker driving from client to client all day, causing a repetitive injury. I've listened to it six times and felt great relief. I also notice 'tingling sensations' letting me know to be careful and look after my knee, like instructed on the recording.

Very grateful, especially during 'lockdown' here in NZ, difficult to access physiotherapy for it. [Note: this testimonial was received during the COVID-19 health crisis.] Your session has been priceless, helped in many ways. I'm also diabetic and the pain had restricted my exercise, but not now. I will keep listening. The sensation dial really does work; it somehow tuned out the pain level so I could sleep and wake in the morning - it's very relaxing.

I totally recommend. Might purchase lower back pain one sometime. :)

The photo I'm including was just taken yesterday out walking, pain free. :)

This story came from Tina who is a Support Worker from New Zealand.

"It's amazing how much your downloads help me relax and unwind."

"It's amazing how much your downloads help me relax and unwind. I suffered a knee injury several months ago, and the ones on knee pain and sports injury helped me be more comfortable and suffer much less anxiety as I healed."

This story came from Jo Madge who is a Personal Assistant from Arlington, Texas, USA

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