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"I can run my dog on a beautiful path through grasses, one of my severe allergies"

Kathleen O'Brien

I am so throughly enjoying and benefitting from your hypnosis downloads. I am a social worker, working in a public health clinic providing psychotherapy. Have been in the field about 25 years; I got trained in clinical hypnotherapy 3 years ago with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. I was really impressed with the training and learned a lot but I still had a little cynical part of myself who did not really believe in it.

Then comes along the worst allergy season yet. I have gotten the allergy shots to develop immunity, take an antihistamine, do sinus washes multiple times a day and have an air purifier in home, office and a HEPA filter in car. Still, sinus headache, red eyes, nasal drainage and vomiting due to snot in my gut.

Then I got your Hay Fever download and I can turn it off. I can run my dog on a beautiful path through grasses, one of my severe allergies. For some reason I pictured the castle as the Alhambra in Granada, Spain and the guards La Guardia Nationale; I speak to the grasses in Spanish and tell them, "No son mis enimigos, son mis amigos y gracias por todo ustedes han hecho pero no lo necissito ahora mismo, en facto, ustedes pueden ir de vacationes." You get the idea. Then I saw a butterfly land on the grasses and I thought we need the grasses to house the insects so the butterflies have nourishment.

I thank you for myself and for how you have effected my practice. I hypnotize patients with COPD to quit smoking and those in chronic pain to feel comfort. Now I know it is effective yet the number of times one must practice is different; I believe dependent on your belief vs. cynicism.

This story came from Kathleen O'Brien who is a Licensed Clinical Social worker from Healdsburg, California, USA.

"It honestly feels like a miracle"

I suffer from terrible allergies. I've tried shots and various medications, but still never had complete relief. Prior to listening to the hay fever download, I was taking an allergy pill in the morning, another type in the evening, using nose spray consistently throughout the day, AND taking Benadryl before bed. Even with all of this intervention, I still couldn't breathe, smell, or taste food.

I was starting to get really concerned when I decided to try hypnosis. I am currently on day 4 of listening and I am down to only one pill per day. I full intend to stop taking that one in the near future. I haven't used nose spray or taken Benadryl and I can breathe. AND SMELL!!! It honestly feels like a miracle, but I know that I am reprogramming my subconscious mind.

This story came from Heather Lahtinen who is a Entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, USA.

"I haven't taken antihistamines for the past two days so far and no watery eyes"

Hey, just letting you know I downloaded the 'Hay Fever Relief' session and it's perfect. I have noticed reduction in my symptoms after three nights.

I felt a sneeze coming on today while out with my nature walking group (it's spring in New Zealand) with lots of pollen blowing in the wind. I pictured the 'pollen dial' turning it back to 0 and found it stopped. I wouldn't say the session has cured it, but in all honesty it's significantly reduced the allergy and I haven't taken antihistamines for the past two days so far and no watery eyes...a few brief sneezes but no blocked up sinus or wet blurry vision.

An excellent storyline too! Very relaxing. Thank you for an excellent download.

Anonymity Requested

"I can BREATHE! It's a miracle....I feel like I am being healed by God through the hypnosis."

I just wanted to let you know how much the asthma and hayfever sessions have helped me. It's only been a week of listening to them, but I saw immediate improvement. I haven't had to take an antihistamine since I started the hypnosis, or even all of my natural supplements that I take to fight allergies, and I can BREATHE! It's a miracle.

I'm a Christian, and a lot of Christians would probably tell me not to get into hypnosis because they would think it is spiritually suspect, but honestly, I feel like I am being healed by God through the hypnosis. When I am going into the hypnosis relaxation, I can feel God meet me there. The past week I've been able to focus and concentrate more, I've had more energy than maybe I've ever had in my life, and I can vacuum, grab items from our dusty loft space, and clean the house without having an asthma episode. This is especially important because I am allergic to the medicines in asthma inhalers, so I was really needing something pronto (and holistic).

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was NOT wanting to use an inhaled steroid as my doctor suggested, and now it seems I won't have to. I just dial down and breathe deeply. I breathe better and wheeze so much less. I'm finding that I am successfully using the techniques in other areas of my life as well: I dial up when I'm feeling sleepy, and suddenly I'm energetic; I dial down when I'm planking, and I can hold the position for much longer and without it seeming very long. I've even noticed that some vertigo that I've had off and on has disappeared.

I really do appreciate it, and I'm going to look through the selection to see what else I might like to download. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

This story came from Abigail, who is from Orlando, Florida, USA, but now lives in Japan and is a homeschool mom and freelance copyeditor.

"I just wanted to thank you for the hypnosis downloads that I have used with such great effect"

"Hi There,"

"I just wanted to thank you for the hypnosis downloads that I have used with such great effect. The most astonishing of which I found to be the 'Hayfever Relief' one which completely cleared my hayfever! I no longer get runny nose or itchy eyes.

I have also used the 'Fear of Water' one which has allowed me to relax while swimming way out of my depth and able to swim around quite happily which I could not do before, although I had learnt to swim, I was never happy in the water before, now I love it!"

"There are several others but those two are the most 'life-changing'".

"Kind regards and thanks,"

Paul Willmott

This story came from Paul Willmott who is a Telephone Engineer from Southampton, UK.

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