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"If you know anyone struggling with this issue please have them try this audio, it will be well worth it!"

I ordered 'Stop Hair Pulling' to help my teenager with the problem he had, pulling the hair out of his head.

We had been attempting to manage this for probably at least four years. It started with the crown of his head and we showed him the bald spot he was creating so he moved down to the back of his neck and sides of his hair. His once straight hair is now extra curly in those areas since that is how the hair grows back after being traumatized so much. It is also easy to see his scalp in those areas as it seems to have thinned out in those spots as well. We have kept his hair very short since it is more tempting for him if we grow it out, plus it doesn't grow out very evenly any more and the curls make it hard to manage.

He said he had a sensation that could only be resolved by pulling the hair out. Sometimes he would even eat the hair and he also would pull the hairs on his legs. He has many tiny red dots on his legs from the hair pulling in that area and once his facial hair grew in he started pulling on at that as well.

We tried talking about it, letting him know when he was doing it, tried to occupy his hands with other things like a rubber band around his wrist, tried avoiding certain foods, tried adding certain supplements just in case there was a nutritional component. He would do it when stressed, anxious, or just bored. Having exhausted all but therapy I hesitantly downloaded the 'Stop Hair Pulling' audio.

My son listened to the audio each night for seven nights and hasn't touched the head on his hair since, and that was three months ago! As a side benefit, he claims that he now knows how to relax and he is personally amazed at how long the results of feeling relaxed has lasted. I think he's more impressed with the relaxation aspect but as his parent I am thrilled about the success with his hair!

He does still twist and pull at his leg hairs and facial hair some but I am hopeful this will fade away in time and I am very confident that if need be we can just have him listen to the audio again while focusing specifically on the leg hairs. If you know anyone struggling with this issue please have them try this audio, it will be well worth it!

This story came from Krista who holds a degree in Psychology and is a homeschooling mom of 3 from Virginia, USA.

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