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"I wholeheartedly depend on them."

These downloads have brought me back to the present, they have often been the only support I have and I wholeheartedly depend on them. They support my views around mental health and really calm me down much more than other meditation apps I have. Much love to the team who creates them!

This story came from Emma who is a legal intern from London, UK.

"As soon as my mother hears the intro music, she lets out a big sigh and I can see her settle down immediately"

Dr Anne Duguid

My mum (76) was suffering from major anxiety and having problems controlling her breathing - the hyperventilation was making her have panic attacks. She also has the onset on Alzheimer's and the doctors had prescribed Diazepam which is an anti-psychotic and can't be taken long-term. Basically, it wasn't a solution.

I contacted the website's staff to ask for recommendations for which audio would be best for her. The staff were great and quickly responded to all my questions - I'm afraid I had a few and they were really patient with me. I can't praise the staff enough for their helpful, caring manner.

With their expert advice, I bought my mum the Generalized Anxiety hypnosis track and straight away she loved it. She started to listening to it when she woke up in the morning, the time when she was feeling the most vulnerable and then later on, she decided to listen to it again at nighttime too as it helped settle her to go to sleep.

She hasn't used the medication since and now when she gets nervous, about going out for instance, she can be prodded into listening to the CD and she feels much better. As soon as she hears the intro music, she lets out a big sigh and I can see her settle down immediately. She says the man has a lovely voice and the script of the recording makes her think about childhood places, which is great for her memory issues.

For anyone who is worried about what hypnosis is or does, I can assure you that it is safe and just takes you to a state of calm, relaxation inside - and the benefit is, the more you practice it, the easier it gets to reach that state no matter how stressed you are.

I listen to the recording with my 10-year-old son and we both love it. Even my 'very suspicious of namby-pamby, fluffy stuff' husband has had a try and really enjoyed it.

Overall, I could not recommend this site enough if you are looking to help yourself or a loved one.

This story came from Dr Anne Duguid who is a Psychologist from Spain.

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