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"He said when it finished he felt an amazing thing!.....happiness! And I could hear it in his voice!"

I looked into hypnotherapy not for myself, but for my husband! There is nothing worse then watching the one you love suffer! My husband suffers with anxiety and depression. He has tried a few medications over the years, and they react unpleasantly in his body! To every one! So he told me he was finished trying medications.

A friend of mine told me about this site, so I checked it out. After going through the many options, I bought the "Stop feeling overwhelmed" one.

I told my husband about it, and asked if he was willing to try it? He was having a particularly overwhelming day, and so it was shrugged off. A few days later I asked again, with the same kind of response. To understand his state, let me try to explain it as best I can, from an outside perspective.

My husband has a successful job, he gets paid pretty well, and nearly everyone at his job likes him, and values his work a great deal! The owner made him manager over his department, which added stress, but also added to his wage. He owns a home, had two healthy children, and can afford to send his wife, me, to college.

Nearly every day, he comes home depressed, and so overwhelmed he can't handle stress of home life. Things like helping kids with homework, or listening to how everyone's day went. His stress is overpowering every aspect of his life, to the point where he really finds no joy in his life. Even happy fun events only give him short lived happiness! And as his wife, it's very hard to watch him go through this mental darkness! If you've ever felt the dark abyss of depression, you'd know how hard it is to fight!

After asking him several times to try listening to the hypnosis down load, I gave up. I just resigned myself to the thought that he would forever live in a dark depressed state of mind.

Then, one morning, he calls me after going to the gym. He sounded very different! He told me that at the gym he decided to listen to the hypnosis download while he peddled on the bike, instead of his music. He said when it finished he felt an amazing thing!.....happiness! And I could hear it in his voice! I was in shock! It was such an incredible switch! It brought tears to my eyes! It was miraculous!

I am so grateful I made the purchase!!!!

This story came from Bonnie Barber.

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