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"I am continuously surprised by how nuanced and spot-on the recordings are."

"I'm a big fan of hypnosisdownloadscom and have used your downloads for years - I am continuously surprised by how nuanced and spot-on the recordings are.

This is the first time I have written to thank you for a specific recording. I'm a woman, but when I saw March's new titles, I felt a soul-deep gratitude that here was a fear I couldn't even name, yet you had addressed it.

I was bullied by the women in my life throughout childhood and adolescence. As a result, I cower around women - my throat constricts and my heart races; I'm meek and try to be invisible, or I'm aloof and superior. As an adult I've been an easy target for female bullies who've spotted me a mile off. In contrast, around men I am at ease and self-accepting, as I've generally had positive or neutral experiences.

I think the script is aimed primarily at men, but it has helped me enormously to relax and stop anticipating an attack from every woman I meet, taking it as it comes.

Towards the end of the download, you talk about individuals, men or women, who are one of your (the listener's) 'tribe'... Well here's the loveliest unexpected thing: I've noted in the past, that I thought of women generally as a threat to be kept at arm's length, and 'other' than me. Since listening to the recording, I feel it is safe to identify with and relate to my sex, to be counted among their number - that I am a woman, and that that can be positive and welcoming. So thank you. A big big thank you for putting some things right with my world."

This story came from S Conway who is a Project Manager from Dublin, Ireland

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