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"I am now taking control of the situation"

For a 41 year old person, it has been years since I have been avoiding taking up nasty financial habits of my spouse. This silence and avoidance of the issue saw me amass a lot of debt. And I went through the pain of paying huge loans but not take this matter up with her simply because it would lead to a lot of drama.

After doing the fear of confrontation, I took up the conversation with her about her money related habit and to my surprise, not only was there no drama - she felt a huge sense of relief that I was finally there to support her get out of the mess. I am now taking control of the situation and there is massive relief and lightness in the household.

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"The salesman was angry and upset, but I felt calm, and in control!"

"I was attacked 3 years ago, and that set off a real fear of it happening again. I was feeling scared and `expecting` another instance wherein I might be attacked again, which is why I went for the ' Fear of Confrontation' download!"

"With time, I noticed subtle but real changes! I focused less on the chance of `confrontation` again, and have developed more of an attitude that `should` I be in a similar situation, I can deal with it better, and not let it disturb me afterwards!"

"I`ve had a couple of instances where this has been apparent, for example; i went to a jewelers last week, to buy my girlfriend a necklace! The salesman was very pushy, yet friendly, we bought a necklace!"

"Having left the shop my girlfriend said she didn`t really like the necklace! I said, OK, I`ll take it back, get my money back! So I went back, and the salesman was rude and abusive, but I remained calm, not angry, but I used the `broken record` technique, and eventually got my money back! The salesman was angry and upset, but I felt calm, and in control!"

"So thanks very much for your download, it helped me!"

"I`d recommend these downloads to anyone, they work almost subliminally, and it`s so easy to use!"

This story came from Mike Reynolds who is a Teacher from London, UK

"If I can beat the anxiety without medication it will be a very strong testimony."

"Let me just say I have been through "HELL" over the last three years. Several members of my close family have become ill, the last two years I, at 56, have raised my 2 year old son on my own. I work for a pharmaceutical company and I am always on the run."

"Lately, since listening to the MP-3 down load on panic I have been calmer about everything. I can't wait to listen to the 'Panic Prevention CD'. I am going soon to see my daughter in Oklahoma. The plane ride will be immersing my self in the Panic CD."

"I have only scratched the surface as far as what I have been through over these last three years and it's not going away anytime soon. So I need all the help I can get. If I can beat the anxiety without medication it will be a very strong testimony."

"I have two MP3 downloads from you - The 'Overcome fear & anxiety' and 'Fear of Confrontations'. They have both helped me very much so far. I no longer get all anxious when speaking to my lawyer about my wife and her family. I no longer go into panic mode when I am called in to work for an emergency or when I am the main subject of an engineers meeting."

"I presently do 20 miles a day on the stationary bike to try and beat the stress and I love to listen to CD's."

"I do enjoy everything about your site and the information you have provided."

This story came from Tom Kelleher who is a Facilities Maintenance Manager, King of Prussia from Pa. (USA)

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