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"I AM ASTOUNDED...You've given me my life back."

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I'm not even sure how to start this...maybe at the beginning, I guess....

I worked Specialized Security for years...took a lot of damage, physical and mental. I dealt with a lot, both at work and in general. I'm an empath, you see, so I was taking emotional damage on a regular basis along with the standard stuff everyone in a uniform deals with, whether I was wearing one or not.

About three to four years ago I got up to go to work one morning but literally couldn't leave the house...and goodness knows I tried. Took me about a month to realize that I had mentally broken down. Psychologically I had fallen apart. It happens, I know...but not to me. It took another two years to get diagnosed with a mental break causing Fibromyalgia. Doctors were telling me I had lost it and simply kept giving me pills upon pills, none of which I could take, even if I had wanted to. My brain started triggering anxiety at the thought of taking something that altered my control. Anxiety turned to panic. I developed Monophobia... Agoraphobia...fear of travel and eventually fear of leaving the house altogether. Depression set in. I was literally a shadow of who I used to be...even I knew that. Trapped.

I had tried everything I could think of to put the pieces of myself back together. I tried to rebuild my empathic walls so I could sort out everything in my own head. Hard to do when you go days without sleep because the fear rips you apart, minute by minute. Then I found your site. I sorted through testimonials...reviews...your programs. Then I figured...why not? I tried everything else, so try this.

I AM ASTOUNDED. I bought several of your self-hypnosis MP3s...and plunged in with faint hope. It's been almost two weeks and today not only did I manage to leave the house and get in the car but I managed to drive through full rush hour traffic and go to two places that trigger my panic the hardest.

I can't express my gratitude to y'all. I'm still giddy as I type this. I know that my battle must still be fought but now I feel as though I have a chance. I'll never be who I was but I'll just chalk that up to another war with scars I survived. You've given me my life back.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This story came from Kelly Hall who is from Marystown, NF, Canada.

"These downloads have made a big difference to me."

I have been suffering with anxiety and what I thought was health anxiety ever since my mom passed away. These downloads have made a big difference to me in regards to allowing me to relax and to shift the way I think about certain things. I've been sleeping better and am focusing less about the fear of something happening to me. I'm glad I found this site and I'm going to continue using the downloads daily until I am back to my old self again. Thank you.

This story came from Melonie who is a manager from Canada.

"Your product is the one I think I can say made a noticeable difference in a short period of time"

It is hard to give a testimonial to say "am I better after with this than I would have been without" because I cannot compare my self side by side with a before and after. Having said that, I truly do feel that after 5 days listening to each of the first 3 sessions I purchased, that they all have had a noticeable impact on me. The issues I was having have all subsided. I truly believe that. I also find myself performing relaxation breathing automatically without thinking about it. I have used other products from other companies, NLP-based or two voice Ericksonian Hypnosis, and your product is the one I think I can say made a noticeable difference in a short period of time, where the other ones did not.

This story came from Brian Vroomen who is a Controller, Automobile Dealership from Ontario, Canada.

"When things crop up and I get a bit anxious, positive words come to mind"

I've been listening to 'Overcome Fear and Anxiety' and 'Stop Thinking the Worst' for two weeks and would like to say a BIG thank you. These recordings are the best for anxiety. I have found repeatedly listening to the AWARE technique seems to help me stay calm when facing some difficult work situations last week. I only felt a little bit anxious but it went away quite quickly after picturing the AWARE billboard in my mind. This audio works well with 'Stop Thinking the Worst', which my hypnotherapist has given me a session on too.

The 'Overcome Fear and Anxiety' audio is also very calming and hits the right spot. I listen to it at night and it sends me to sleep. Often in the day when things crop up and I get a bit anxious, positive words come to mind - 'expect the best' or 'wait and see' - and most times the problem turns out fine by just stepping back for a minute and watching instead of my imagination thinking up the 'worst'. The AWARE technique and reframing in both recordings really help this. Thank you!

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"I've struggled with anxiety for over 9 years... after my first session it was like the cloud and tension had vanished"

"I've struggled with anxiety for over 9 years now which I have been on medication for, after my first session it was like the cloud and tension had vanished. Amazing, wish I found this sooner."

This story came from Andy who is a Carpenter from Melbourne, Australia.

"...the sudden rushes of fear and anxiety are almost gone now"

"Before using ' Overcoming Fear and Anxiety' I was constantly waiting for something bad to happen, you know, like the phone ringing and there's a financial problem or something broke, or any dark problem that has no shape - it's just like a shadow hanging behind me - ready to 'Zap me'."

"As soon as I am a little relaxed, out of nowhere, a thought and a pang would hit me, like someone up there says: 'You're too cool man, you need to worry a bit more, things can't go well for this long' Then fear, anxiety, perspiration, racing pulse etc. would set in. And the funniest thing about it, is I cannot name the problem or "danger" that is supposed to hover over me."

"Since I have been using the download, these unsuspected, sudden rushes of fear and anxiety started to come less frequent and they are almost gone now. It became easier to reassure myself when it happened."

"My self confidence also improved. It is easier to accept that there is no 'imminent danger' lurking in the shadows, waiting to 'Zap' me."

"I also sleep better. I used to wake up about three to four times a night, often with the suffocating anxiety in my chest which would only go away after maybe an hour of walking up and down and three cigarettes."

This story came from Johannes Petrus Du Plessis who is a Designer from Klerksdorp, South Africa

"It was truly a Godsend to be able to stay calm as winds of over 170 miles an hour ripped our house apart"

"I have used hypnosis for years, and was very excited to find your products."

"I have many of your titles, but the one I have used the most is ' A Healthy Rest'. On a recent 10 hour plane trip, I downloaded many titles to my 10 year old daughters MP3 player, and we both used them throughout our trip."

"My daughter loves the ' Overcome Fear of Flying', and 'Overcome Fear and Anxiety'. We recently endured a hurricane in Florida which was very frightening, and she uses the hypnosis to calm her fears during storms. While we were huddled in a closet during the storm, as the world blew up around us, we stayed calm using techniques we have learned through your online courses and downloads. It was truly a Godsend to be able to stay calm as winds of over 170 miles an hour ripped our house apart. God Bless you for providing these wonderful downloads. We are customers for life!"

This story came from Brenda Berry who is a Sales Representative from Franklin, NC

"I have purchased almost 30 hypnosis downloads in the past 9 months and have found this one most beneficial..."

"I have purchased almost 30 hypnosis downloads in the past 9 months and have found this one most beneficial. Not only does it seem to have touched on a core issue, but its method seems a bit different than the other downloads."

This story came from David Bellos who teaches Literature and Art History from Los Angeles, USA

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