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"I was so happy to find that someone had addressed my issues via hypnosis..."

I am so happy and thankful to have run across the Hypnosis Downloads website. I was at my wit's end literally with my chronic hunger and attempting to get over a failed relationship. The value the power of hypnosis. I've used it for many situations over the years. I was so happy to find that someone had addressed my issues via hypnosis...without me having to go to a practitioner. Do the downloads work? For me, YES!!!! Do I recommend them? YES!!!

This story came from Rachel who is a Retired from USA.

"...after just the first listen I was calmer, more relaxed and comfortable with the situation."

"I have downloaded quite a few hypnosis sessions now. I first came to you for help with my confidence and assertiveness

in work and your downloads helped dramatically. People actually commented how I had changed after just a few sessions although I had not told people I was doing this."

"I more recently came to you for help after the end of a long term relationship. Your download for ' Getting Over a Relationship' was an absolute lifesaver. I was a mess for a couple of days before remembering your site."

"I immediately bought the download and after just the first listen I was calmer, more relaxed and comfortable with the situation. I feel I have now moved on completely and can think about the relationship with fondness like a good memory rather than a painful one. I can't thank you enough for the service you provide."

"I would recommend all your downloads to anyone who feels they may need help in any area of their lives. Not only does each session help you with a specific area of you life, but all of them leave you with a wonderful calm, relaxed and peaceful feeling."

This story came from Paul Brooks who is a Data Analyst from Maidenhead, UK

"...after it ended, I was so refreshed and strong"

"I was researching hypnosis and found your site. When looking through your site I was able to find just the right download for me. I was getting over a relationship and taking it quite hard. I was having trouble concentrating, I was looking sleep and focus."

"I downloaded your 'Getting Over A Relationship' download one evening and listened to it. I was a little sceptical at first, then after it ended, I was so refreshed and "strong". I had no problem sleeping that evening and I woke up with a new fresh attitude. I listened to it again the next night and felt even better. My ex-boyfriend called me and even after the phone call ended, I felt at ease."

"I didn't have to worry about my being emotionally drained, panic attacks or just feeling like I wasn't going to make it the next day. I just wanted to thank you and your website with helping me get through this tough time in my life and waking up each day with a new outlook on life. I have bragged to my friends and several of them have purchased your downloads."

This story came from Mandy Johnson from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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