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"I was the bride I wanted to be, my skin looked wonderful!!!!"


"I was stricken with contact dermatitis two and a half days before my wedding. I looked like a total, disfigured wreck. Fortunately I am a psychologist and I remembered learning that hypnosis can be helpful for skin disorders!! Between my very helpful GP who provided some medications, a talented makeup artist and listening to your hypnosis session multiple times, a miracle happened. I was the bride I wanted to be, my skin looked wonderful!!!! Thank you so much- I really am so grateful!!"

The photo I'll attach is one my girlfriend took at our wedding last Saturday with her mobile phone- the professional photos haven't arrived yet. I thought this is good evidence of the "miracle" as it's not altered in any way."

This story came from Jennifer Tews, who is a Psychologist from Stanley, Australia

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