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Testimonials for the Enjoy Eating Fruit and Vegetables

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"The best investment I have made in myself in a long time"

These downloads are the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. First, they are extremely relaxing. I feel refreshed after listening to one.

Second, I find myself truly thinking or feeling differently about things... it is not a dramatic change, but noticeable to me... For example, the day after listening to the one about eating less sugar, I saw an ad for a large box of Milk Duds (my favorite candy) and the very first thought that ran through my head was 'Yuck, that is way too big a serving, how sickly sweet'... Then I thought 'WHOA!! WHO AM I?? I love Milk Duds!' But... I didn't crave them, looking at that ad.

Have I stopped eating sugar? No. Have I easily cut back on the amount of sugar I was eating? Yes! I am not craving sugar at all right now! It feels great.

A second example, the day after listening to the fruits and veggies one I did find myself really craving fresh produce, and the salads and the fruits I ate were extremely satisfying, where normally I'd have chosen ready-made foods.

This story came from Holly who is from USA.

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