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"It led me out of a maze where I was searching for the one great 'cause' of my great mood crises."

I was a born cynic with these sort of approaches (actually I wasn't born that way). Mark and Roger's explanation of the experience of depression was my introduction to their work, and it led me out of a maze - where I was searching for the one great 'cause' of my great mood crises. I quickly began viewing life as a process in which many mind/body aspects interact. Previously I'd seen them as influences which bounce off each other as though they are separate - "never the twain shall meet". It has brought a much greater sense of balance into my life. Their work operates on a number of levels - from simple, to subtle, to sophisticated. A description which surely describes every human being's experience of life in the deepest personal sense. You guys are brilliant at reflecting the reality of our own selves and the world we encounter in an honest, but modulated and balanced sense. It's really good stuff. I don't normally sing praises, but there is the song above...

This story came from Tim Hilton who is a musician/writer from Melbourne, Australia.

"Quite a new feeling after 30+ years of living in the shadows!"

The Drift Off to Sleep session has helped me to break the vicious depression cycle by finally getting some rest through the night. Mr. Elliot's soothing, calm voice and the interesting script can both focus and calm my otherwise racing mind. This way, I have re-learned to sleep properly again. The Drift Off to Sleep download, together with the Natural Depression Course, has lifted me out of my life-long depression - quite a new feeling after 30+ years of living in the shadows!

This story came from Peter who is a software developer from Austria.

"What's different is my ability to deal with the uncertainties, the open-ended challenges, and the disappointments."

I took the Natural Depression Treatment Course last year and finished it on March 20, 2018. The one-year anniversary of that date was a big deal to me as it gives me the confidence that I found a durable solution. Yes, a whole year of normalcy. I hadn't had that in the previous ten.

Here's why the last 12 months were so special. They were filled with good, bad, and in-between moments. What's different is my ability to deal with the uncertainties, the open-ended challenges, and the disappointments. Yes, I have down moments. But now I know how to limit them to moments rather than let them become conditions. It's been a long road and I'm not done, but it's sure nice to be looking up instead of down.

One quick chuckle for y'all: I found your course by chance perusing the internet. I sat there and stared at the $99 price and thought about the pleasures that money could get me elsewhere. Dinner & drinks, for example. Even though I had spent thousands on counseling, I was almost too cheap to spend $99 on an on line course. I came THAT close to missing the experience that really turned my life around. I still shake my head at the thought of that, and laugh.

Thanks to you folks. Just wanted to let you know, what you do, matters.

This story came from Michael J, who is from San Francisco, CA.

"I could actually do something that would allow me to get out of my depression once and for all!"

I've suffered from depression for most of my life. I didn't get much emotional support in my early years - it was all hushed up and treated like a shameful secret in the family and even when I told friends, most just didn't want to hear about it. Then I suffered a heart attack and when COVID hit, I lost my job and my depression went from mild to worse.

In desperation, I started to look for help online. The information on the download made a huge impact on me: Finding out that depression was not due to a hormonal imbalance even gave me a light at the end of a tunnel, that I could actually do something that would allow me to get out of my depression once and for all! It wasn't that I was instantly cured of my affliction but that I could hope for a future where I had control. Depression no longer had such a strong hold of me because now I had the power to change: it was no longer just managing depression but removing it. That in itself is enormous!

This story came from H. Williams, who is a university instructor from Canada.

"There are ups and downs you go through but every day I see an improvement. Can't wait for session 6."

I am on session 5 of the depression download. It has changed my outlook. I am back to exercising and working in the shop. It has motivated me to prioritize projects and get them done. I had neck surgery last fall and it had put me in a precarious state, sitting around the house. Understanding the cause of my lack of sleep from over dreaming has put things in perspective. There are ups and downs you go through but every day I see an improvement. Can't wait for session 6.

This story came from Raymond Allen Young, who is a Mechanic from Wyoming, USA.

"This has been a truly enlightening experience for me. I have had bouts of depression for 50 years and this is the first time I have seen light at the proverbial 'end of the tunnel'"

"Initially I felt that [the section on catastrophising] did not apply to me - so blinded was I by my way of thinking!! Then I caught myself catastrophising and realised I do it A LOT. It was a huge awakening for me and I have been able to control this behaviour increasingly well, simply by being aware of it and reassuring myself that the situation I am in is not actually life-threatening.

Today I am seriously happy. I was faced with a typical 'catastrophising' situation where I had to take a new and unfamiliar route in heavy traffic to my destination. I reacted calmly and simply did not have a panic attack. It was totally amazing and I still feel elated several hours later. This course has been incredibly releasing and inspiring for me. I still have a way to go with motivation but am taking it one day at a time and feeling so uplifted most days. Thank you for releasing me from the prison of my thinking!

This has been a truly enlightening experience for me. I have had bouts of depression for 50 years and this is the first time I have seen light at the proverbial 'end of the tunnel' . So much excellent practical advice, delivered kindly and gently. I now have that wonderful, AMAZING feeling that I can be in control of my life. I have started volunteering and am sharing your wisdom with my friends and particularly my children and grandchildren in the hope that they will have a better platform from which to view the negative experiences of life. It has been life changing. THANK YOU to you and all of the team. I am going to share this BIG TIME."

This story came from Susan H, who is from Zimbabwe.

"Thank you all for saving my life and giving me the skills to truely love my life - for the 1st time in my life"

After going through the last session and the conclusion I feel a little... pensive... but as you say I can always re-visit the whole course again smiley

I think I can sum up what you and your excellent team have given me quite openly and totally honestly. September 2014 - I was in the depths of depression (the worst I had experienced in my 27 or so years of intermittent bouts of it) but this time my anxiety levels went through the roof - family stuff going haywire - empty nest *syndrome* - work worries - general health concerns - I felt like a sponge and unable to absorb anymore hassle.

By June 2015 I'm ashamed to say I was actively looking into ways of killing myself - and praying every night that I wouldn't wake up the next morning - how serious my search really was I'm not sure, because I was also looking at depression help web sites too.

That's when I came across THE LEARNING PATH and NATURAL DEPRESSION TREATMENT PROGRAMME - by the beginning of July I had joined your LIFE SAVING and LIFE SKILLS programme smileysmileysmileyAKA NATURAL DEPRESSION TREATMENT PROGRAMME.

The Learning Path intro made me feel as if this programme was going to be *doable*. By September I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel whereas before I couldn't even see the tunnel smiley

By October I was flying a kite smileysmiley

As of today Thurs 26th Nov 2015 - I LOVE LIFE - I LOVE MY LIFE - smileysmileysmiley (I don't recall EVER saying or feeling like that in my entire adult life) even though it STILL has most of the hassles it had in July.

Can I ask you a question Mark ? - well I'm going to anyway so there ... stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye How does it feel to read such statements as mine - because I'm sure you must get hundreds if not thousands ? You and your team are responsible for SAVING LIVES and TEACHING TRUE LIFE SKILLS. So you and your team provide the treatment - the support and life long aftercare for sooooooo many previously depressed and *broken* people, quite simply IMHO you are all angelangelangel

If I could just add - I have been an elderly persons care warden for 25yrs with my local council - I was made redundant 7 yrs ago - now I'm just an office cleaner part time (for my sins lol) So I would say I've always had a *caring* nature and part of my previous unhappiness was not *feeling* useful or serving a purpose - I made my family the centre of my world (which I now know can hurt - if you pin ALL your happiness on one person) So a couple of weeks ago I got involved with my local RUCKSACK APPEAL - help for the homeless - and I'm in the process of making up at least 4 fully packed rucksacks to give to some homeless people in my area - I won't feel like I've done nearly enough but it's a start and and why do it JUST at Christmas time, there doesn't need to be a special time of the year. I've always believed that *giving* is its own reward and "it's better to give than to receive" - errrrmmmm oh yes Christmas is coming - Ahhh well yes 99% of the time ... it's better to give than to receive - stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I'm sorry I've waffled on a fair bit - but I couldn't thank you and your team enough nor sing your praises too highly.


Sincere and Heartfelt Gratitude Always kissing_heart"

(Jean very kindly sent two of our awesome support team members, Rebekah and Kirstin, a beautiful thank you card!)

Jean's thank you card

This story came from Jean Lesley Corbett who is a medical rooms and office cleaner from South Yorkshire, England.

"I have been able to think clearly for the first time in many years, my life has changed and continues to change every week."

I have so many of your downloads and my life has changed remarkably over the past two years and I attribute these changes to your work for which I thank you and will be eternally grateful.

I had been on prescription drugs for depression for many years and my health and mind was a mess.

During my long depression I had help from many therapists and a psychiatrist. None of this worked in the way that your hypnosis downloads did. Of course getting off medication that was preventing my mind from working was key but I could not have even attempted to do that without first discovering your downloads. I realised that once I could wean myself off the false support of medication I would need some support to become undepressed. I found this with your downloads. For many months while tapering off medication I would spends hours just lying listening. The soothing downloads helped me to relax, to believe, to rest and recover. I studied your 10 Step Depression Course. Little by little as the drugs left my body , this time in the RIGHT way, my mind became mine again. I have been able to think clearly for the first time in many years, my life has changed and continues to change every week.

I sing the praises of your work to everyone I can and while I must own almost your entire download library I still find new downloads to buy, there is always a new part of my life that wants a download, and I still listen to at least 3 downloads per day. I wake and start my day with a download or two and there is always one to help with the many new accomplishments my life now has.

I can't thank you enough."

[Annie got back in touch with us and asked this to be added: "It would also be crucial for any person to taper off medication correctly. I had a close family member suicide through incorrect withdrawal, and I attempted many times to withdraw unsuccessfully until I read 'the Ashton Manual' by Professor Heather Ashton. I can't emphasise how much this simple but effective carefully researched work by a professional was so important.

I would very much like Professor Ashton's work to be noted as being important for any one considering medication withdrawal."]

This story came from Annie Smith, who is a Mother, Musician and Writer from Christchurch, New Zealand.

"You have to understand that changing the way you think and do things takes time...but I MADE IT!!"

Mauricio Torres

I am a 47-year-old man and live in Colombia, South America. The third of four siblings, I was raised in a family where Mom and Dad fought constantly.Back then, divorce was considered shameful, so they tried to make things work out, but it would have been better if they had just separated and remained friends. Otherwise, Mom and Dad were good parents. No alcohol, no drugs, no partying. Because of my dad's job, we had the privilege of living in Switzerland for a few years and then in New York for a few more. We had all the material things a kid could wish for, went to the best schools, had awesome vacations, etc.

But my parents' fighting made me a nervous kid and even though I have a great IQ (134), I was never able to do well in school. Of course, I always thought I was a normal kid and never realized how much I was being affected by my parents' fighting. Also, I learned real bad 'life skills' from them. I remember that my maternal grandmother used to take antidepressants and, later on, I saw my mom using them, too. They used to call it "the pill so I can sleep". :)

I lived my life feeling tired. It was always hard to concentrate and find energy that I saw others had. My dreams were always intense. I remember I used to joke about them. I struggled with relationships; being jealous, my reactions to things weren't the best. It was not nice, but I kept on living my day-to-day. I thought that was what life had to be like for me.

It all caught up with me back in 2001, when I was 33. My company went broke, a relationship I had ended, and I had to move back to my mother's house. I was very stressed, my dreams were even more intense, and I would wake up feeling really tired. I knew something was not right. Several years went by. I was unable to find a job and if I did find something, I didn't have the energy or motivation to hold on to it.

Then, one day, at 3:00 in the morning, I was feeling really bad, but I couldn't go to sleep, so I was looking for motivation articles on the web. Not for me, but for a lecture I was preparing on how to motivate employees. And then I saw a phrase in one of the search results. It read, "Are you feeling tired, don't have energy, can't sleep," and I thought, "Damn, that sounds like me."

It turns out that phrase was from your website, Uncommon Knowledge. I followed the link and the first thing I read was the Cycle of Depression. I felt like I was reading something written about my life. I couldn't stop reading and didn't go to sleep until 6am.

The next day, I woke up and kept on reading the Depression Learning Path. That night, I told my mom and one of my brothers, "Last night, I discovered that I have been suffering from depression symptoms my entire life." Due to my parents' fighting, our family was split by who sided with each of them. Now, all of a sudden, my entire family turned their back on me, using my revelation about the depression like a weapon. "Oh, Mauricio has lost his mind, he is sick. Anything he says is because his mind is not okay. He is not thinking right, he needs to take pills because depression is genetic." One of my sisters-in-law is a doctor and said, "We are taught that people with depression are mentally sick and need drugs to recover."

I later went to several psychiatrists, who all diagnosed me with 'clinical depression', also wanted me to take drugs, and wouldn't listen when I tried to tell them about the Depression Learning Path. So I had NO ONE to help or guide me; I only had my dog (I am attaching his picture also). This dog saved my life!!

I had to be my own therapist.IT WAS NOT EASY!!!!I continued reading the Learning Path, over and over and over again (when you have depression, it is hard to even concentrate on what you're reading), and translated it (roughly) to Spanish. Luckily, I had a friend living in the US at the time who helped me out by gifting me the Natural Depression Treatment Program. Little by little, I started to understand and apply the things I was learning, doing things that the Learning Path and program said would make me feel better. My dog was the best excuse to go out and exercise, two or three times a day, and I learned Hatha Yoga, which I'd do for an hour every day. I made sure I ate as best I could, but I had no money, couldn't work, and my family was not helping me out (on top of being unsupportive and negative, calling the Learning Path nonsense and me lazy, and pressuring me to take medication). When I finally beat depression, several years later, I weighed only 55kg (I should ideally weigh 80kg). You could see my bones... But, hey... I MADE IT!!:)

You have to understand that changing the way you think and do things takes time, that feeling better did not come fast. It was very frustrating!! There were days when I was walking at 5am in the park with my dog and I would say to myself (probably 'Depresso' talking), "What the hell am I doing here at this time?" But I persisted. I kept on learning and learning and applying it to my life.

It took me about five years to finally be able to say (back in 2007 or 2008), "I no longer have depression. Depression no longer controls my life, I control my life." My life was still a wreck - no job, no money, no family support, no girlfriend, just my dog. But I was feeling better; I felt more and more in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I had won!! Depression-free without taking a single pill. If I'd had a therapist help me, I believe the changes would have happened a lot sooner. But maybe I wouldn't have learned as much!!I realized that if you take the word 'depression' out of the entire document, the Depression Learning Path and program are an 'Emotional Intelligence Handbook', so I changed the file name in my computer from 'Depression Program' to 'Good Life Skills'.

I am now a successful person and I owe it to the things I learned from Uncommon Knowledge. I'd studied International Business, but now dedicate my life to helping others by teaching them the right and responsible way to have a dog, sort of like Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. I wrote a book, write articles in a newspaper, give lectures all around the country...and I am enjoying life!!

I still read the Learning Path and program regularly. I understand that nobody reaches perfection in life, so there are always little things I can improve on. If I ever feel confused or bad about something or feel that something is taking away my sleep, I always use the program as my guide.

I learned that the goal in life is not happiness; it's to be in harmony with what surrounds me. True happiness occurs when you've reached that harmony.

To all of you at Uncommon Knowledge, thank you!

PS: The dog in the picture is Timon, the dog who saved my life!! We had to say goodbye to him last year, after 13 years of him inspiring me.

This story came from Mauricio Torres, who is from Bogota, Colombia.

"I just want to tell you how valuable this course has been for me"

I just want to tell you how valuable this course has been for me.

I find the all the modules exactly what I need to work on. I also like the relaxed reviews.

As in any process, the investment comes with keeping an open mind to the contents and at least trying them out over a period of time. No magic bullet but slow and steady change. Mostly it is a toolbox to go to for skills to apply to many of life's difficult situations or to one's own mind.

With my deepest thanks to your team for putting this together and offering it the way you have. It is a true act of kindness.

Anonymity requested.

"How does it feel to bring hope to so many people??? - what a great gift you bring to the world!"

"Dear Kirstin, Mark, Roger and all the team at UNK,

I stumbled across your company at the beginning of 2011 when I was suffering my 3rd major depressive episode in 13 years.

I just didn't know if I had the spirit to climb my way out of the black depths one more time - I was in fact completely despairing and suicidal. How I found you, I can't remember, but I thank the heavens I did.

I was already taking fluoxetine (my dose didn't alter) and started to visit a psychologist every 2 weeks. And while she just "didn't get" depression and anxiety - she was helpful in other ways. I read your free on-line course and immediately recognized you knew exactly what I was suffering.

It was such a relief.
A glimpse of hope.

I purchased your Depression Program and found it absolutely wonderful.

I was in such a fragile state when I started and I loved that the programme recognized that and gently led me forward. I CRAWLED through the programme - I fell asleep everytime I listened to one of your mp3 files in the beginning.

But it didn't feel like a struggle - it felt like being gently led toward the light.

I have sung your praises to anyone who will listen and you have helped many of my friends through many different trials in their lives.

How does it feel to bring hope to so many people???  What a great gift you bring to the world!"

This story came from Letitia, who is from Australia.

"I have downloaded the depression series and am having equally great success with that"

"I have downloaded the depression series and am having equally great success with that. I am on the 8th session and have already incorporated a different way of thinking and responding to things and have learned to "relax myself" .. A skill I have never had. Although I am basically an optimistic, positive person I felt I was swimming upstream against what I believe was a depression that was a result of inherited genes. Now I do not see the depression as part of me, but as a (don't laugh) large black monkey that crawls on my back, and I can push him off if I want to. I see the negative thoughts not as my own but as his, and I am able to shut them off. This new attitude and approach toward life had dramatically changed my life already and I can't wait to complete the last sessions."

"Please share my story with others. When people huff at me about hynosis with nose in air, I point out to them all of the negative imagary we are force fed everyday. The newest favorite is a medication for depression that (with violins sadly playing in back) says "Depression is painful, it makes you hurt... If you are experiencing..." How many people after hearing that once or twice start feeling aches and pains??? Given a choice I prefer to feed my mind healthy images that are consistent with how I want to spend my life. I have found your downloads are very positive and reinforce that decision."

This story came from Barbara A. Bellin, who is a President at CTT Enterprises LLC

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