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"I felt it zipping right into my unconscious... And I'm a very tough customer"


I felt it all the way through. I'm an incredibly analytical thinker, and the noise in my head when I'm trying hypnosis generally drowns out whatever is being said. I still have faith in the process, but the experience is frustrating, and I'll tell you why:

  1. I HATE that induction routines take forever, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing...then long walks along imaginary paths.
  2. I HATE the countdowns and the excessive visualizations. I'm not that "imaginative," although I'm really creative and intelligent.
  3. I almost always HATE the voices, and being gay, it doesn't usually do me much good to address sexual issues with a woman's voice talking at me.

That's just a few reasons. This experience of the "delayed ejaculation" session, however--a struggle of mine for forty years, partner after partner, rooted in severe childhood trauma, analyzed to death in endless therapy sessions--was nothing like those things:

  1. No endless induction, and the surprise that the visualization was ACTUALLY the treatment.
  2. There was no numerical part, which always distracts me--don't count at me, please! It was just "relax, and imagine the river..."
  3. The voice is so sexy--Scotsmen are so hot. :-)

But most of all, I connected immediately with the image, and he walked me through an experience that I've never had--EVER. I FELT what it "should" be like, and I FELT it in my body. And then, the subtle instruction and markers of finger-to-thumb touching--no busy explanation, just simple repetition--I felt it zipping right into my unconscious, even though I never have a "feeling of trance," just relaxed listening and thinking.

All of that is just after the first listening. I don't really want to post this on public forums because of the intimate nature of my lifetime struggle, but you may certainly use any of my words as testimonials. I don't know how or when it might actually help my "real life" situations, but the power of the session experience was stunning.

And I'm a very tough customer...

Thank you so much!

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