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"I felt calm and in control of my responses in the interview, and handled it well."

As a scientist, my work is regularly peer-reviewed by experts. Of course, these are just people, and some people give feedback in ways I find easy to receive, others not. Much of my work relies on getting grants, which are competitively won, and usually involve intimidating, combative interviews. I have long struggled with feeling personally attacked and have a tendency to get defensive.

This always results in a poor outcome! Having used hypnosis for overcoming a fear of flying, I was curious if it might help me with defensiveness. So, ahead of a terrifying interview for a grant worth €2 million, I downloaded Stop being defensive. I listened every day for 10 days. I felt calm and in control of my responses in the interview, and handled it well. I got the grant.

I think the difference was that I didn't take the aggressive questioning as an attack. Some scientists openly say they like to poke and prod and needle candidates to try to knock them off balance, this was the perfect antidote to that!

This story came from Helen who is a Scientist from Scotland, UK.

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