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"I was glad to leave with the impression that everyone wins when they strive towards thriving."

I just wanted to write and express my gratitude for the good work you guys have done with Hypnosis Downloads. I'm really impressed by the brevity and simplicity of the recordings (they all span between 15-30 minutes!) but the detailed care and thoughtfulness of actual scripts. I think they reflect, in the background, a deft understanding of the issue being discussed and, during the relaxation hypnosis section, words, images, stories, metaphors and visualization that have helped me, the listener, adapt new approaches.

The one that blew me away was "Be Competitive". I think it was because it was different from any perspective that I had heard about being a competitive person. I thought being competitive was about getting the best of someone else, which I admittedly was ready to try and do.

You guys talked about it was just a striving to be the best-from a place of self respect-and that healthy competition was good for everyone. That over view was coupled with beautiful imagery, plants and nature thriving. I was struck by the care and love and sheer poetry of the words being spoken. And I was glad to leave with the impression that everyone wins when they strive towards thriving.

I know how people get stymied by the word "hypnosis," I was once. The thing that I really love about the kind of audio that you guys do is that you guys are offering really sound and wholesome advice and addressing these issues by getting to the psychological and emotional heart of the matter. It's not gimmicky.

I also feel a sense of warmth and encouragement inflected in your voices and that is so crucial for myself, and I think others as well, who purchase and settle into these recordings because they want to change their beliefs around something they genuinely want to become or that they don't like doing. Either way, it takes a lot of courage to go inside and I think your recordings have midwifed transformation for me.

And your library is ASTOUNDING!

Thank you guys so much for creating good products that have helped me and can help so many people change in wholesome ways.

This story came from Tyrone who is from San Francisco, California, USA

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