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Testimonials for the Breaking Bad Habits Hypnosis Session

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"A week of listening and no withdrawal this time"

I had been drinking about four cups of coffee every day and it got out of hand. Stopping also at coffee shops, something in my head was telling me to "Buy coffee!"

If I didn't have it, I would get a pounding headache during the night, which wasn't a nice start to the day. I had given up on my own for months with no problems apart from awful withdrawal for three days. Then got the taste of it again after eating a piece of coffee-flavoured loaf at a friend's house and bought and drank coffee for a week!! That's all it took to set me off.

After listening to 'Caffeine Addiction' and 'Breaking Bad Habits' for a week, coffee got a really awful taste, so bad I stopped and tipped the last cup of it away down the sink. Only took a week of listening and no withdrawal this time... Recommend these two audios together.

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