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"An attractive woman at the bar approached me and we started talking which led to us kissing not long after..."

"I downloaded two of your downloads earllier this week (Approaching women and be attractive to women). The reason I bought these is because usually I find meeting women in clubs and bars really difficult because I've always had a fear of harsh rejections or being humiliated. In the past when I have mustered up the courage to talk to a women its usually me trying and not recieving a great deal of enthusiasm (maybe I seemed too nervous), basically me showing them an interest and not recieving a lot back."

"However I have listened to each of these once a day since I bought them which was 5 days running. The last two nights have been so different. On Thursday night I went out to a club and started a conversation with a women and she responded with real enthusiasm and showed signs of interest, unfortunately I had to leave at this point so I didn't get to see the full result but I was pleased none the less. Friday I noticed potential signs of interest from a few women (who I felt quite comfortable chatting to briefly). Later after recieving eye contact from a woman I found the confidence to just walk up to her and start dancing with her, which resulted in us kissing. To follow this up, later on that night she just grabbed me by the arm and went for more kissing. It was actually her doing the trying this time!"

"I don't know what to say Uncommon knowledge but thank you so much. Me and my family have been downloading your tracks for over a year now and have had nothing but good results, however this result has been incredible, so quick and powerful. I just wanted to say that if you would like me to write any kind of review on these downloads that could be useful to you then I would be more than happy to, it's the least I can do."

"To prove this wasn't just a lucky night, my success somehow increased the following evening. I went to a club with a friend of mine and within 10 minutes, an attractive woman at the bar approached me and we started talking which led to us kissing not long after. My friend who has been out with me many times before was suprised to say the least! This girl left earlly however I later found myself with another woman who I approached myself. I spent most of the night with this woman and ended up exchanging details."

This story came from Tom Partridge who is a Office clerk/Student from Croydon, UK

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