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Testimonials for the Diminish Alcohol Abuse Hypnosis Download

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The download made me much more cognizant of my drinking, and led to a significant reduction!

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"It also helped me assess my drinking habits and the triggers associated with it."

I purchased two of the download packs related to curbing the amount of alcohol I consumed. I found that if I made time to listen to the downloads once a day much of the information provided would stay in mind whenever I did drink some wine after work. It also helped me assess my drinking habits and the triggers associated with it. Thus far I have been able to cut back quite a bit by changing some of the daily rituals that were precipitated by drinking a few glasses of wine.

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"This download provided instant and (so far) lasting results"

Results are BEYOND AMAZING! I had fallen into a daily drinking routine and this download provided instant and (so far) lasting results. I now drink maybe once a week, and then only one or two drinks. You are lifesavers! Thank you for your help!!

This story came from Elaine Lazarin, who is a retired telecommunication worker from Texas, USA

"Since I downloaded 'Diminish Alcohol Abuse', I have had no problem controlling my alcohol consumption at all."

"I have been drinking since the early 1980's and on a daily basis since 1986. Nothing too extreme - about a six-pack a night is what I drank. I first began to realize I have a problem in the late 20th century when I found myself unable to stop drinking. I could sober up for a day or week or month at a time - if I had to, but ultimately recidivism would win the battle, as I could never maintain the motivation to stay clean. I had absolutely no control over my drinking."

"Since I downloaded 'Diminish Alcohol Abuse' (10-22-05), I have had no problem controlling my alcohol consumption at all. For months I had nothing to drink at all and now I sometimes have a beer on a weeknight or the weekend, but never lose control."

"I immediately downloaded several other hypnosis sessions and joined the 'Growth Zone'. I now own the 'Stay Off Alcohol' and 'Alcohol Withdrawal' sessions and feel as though a miracle has come into my life! I am grateful for Hypnosis"

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"A potent weapon in one's fight against alcohol abuse."

"My initial concern was as to the professionalism of the session and, of course, that concern proved to be unfounded."

"I used the Diminish Alcohol Abuse download, but for an 'off label' use I suppose you could say. My drug of concern is not alcohol, but rather painkillers I used to treat back pain...I felt that they were in charge of me."

"I worried that I was overusing them in as much as I was using them to dull emotional pain rather than physical pain. Now, I take few if any narcotic painkillers. Your session helped tremendously. I especially liked the part in which the suggestion is made that an addiction is tantamount to someone forcing you to do things you don't want to do. Very effective."

"Well, if the download were tweaked a bit to be specific for painkillers, I would of course recommend it for those with issues like mine. Otherwise, it would seem to me to be a potent weapon in one's fight against alcohol abuse."

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