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Ease Phantom Limb Pain With Hypnosis

Update the brain's map of the body to stop it sending pain signals

Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain is all too real for many sufferers. Usually, it can only be controlled through a cocktail of medications.

And although phantom limb pain is more normally associated with lower limb loss, people can experience uncomfortable sensations in any lost limb.

Pulsating, aching, burning, shooting, cramping, stabbing even itching can all be felt in a limb that isn't there. But how can it be that phantom limb pain can exist at all? Surely if a limb is missing there should be no sensation in that area?

Phantom limbs: maps in the mind

In his book Phantoms in the Brain, Dr Ramachandran shows how different parts of the body are governed by different parts of the brain - and that, even after a limb has gone, the brain still expects to receive sensations from that limb.

Since you feel with your brain, not your body, the sensation from a phantom limb is real and exists inside the mind.

After you lose a limb it seems your brain has to readjust to the loss. The brain has to adjust its feedback systems as its territory changes.

The area of the brain responsible for a limb may receive information from other areas after amputation. This is called cortical remapping. This may explain why sufferers feel increased phantom limb sensations from touching part of the face; for in the brain the regions are very close.

Hypnosis and phantom limb pain

Hypnosis can help phantom limb pain by helping your brain update its map of your body.

This session will encourage your brain to 're-draw' its cortical 'map' to encourage a sense of 'rightness' in the brain.

It's also a great help to relax deeply because when you relax the 'feel good' chemicals called endorphins are released. These endorphins help close the pain gates in the central nervous system.

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Phantom Limb Pain

Narrator: Roger Elliott
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8627 people are happy with our customer service

Hively Customer Satisfaction Survey

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