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13+ Clinical Hypnotherapy Audios

What's the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and 'ordinary' hypnosis? The clue is in the 'therapy'...

Hypnotherapy can help you to escape from typical problem patterns of response and behavior to achieve greater flexibility and choice in your life. Hypnotherapy (literally: 'hypnosis therapy') works by allowing you to relax very deeply. This puts your brain into the optimal state for carrying out important internal changes (otherwise known as 'learning new things'). This gives you the ability to choose new ways of doing, being and thinking, without being controlled by past experience.

Our recommendations for money-saving hypnosis packs ...

Heal The Past Pack

Heal The Past Pack

Heal the emotional hurts from your past and free up your energy to embrace your future

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Beat Fear and Anxiety Pack

Beat Fear and Anxiety Hypnosis Pack

5 carefully selected sessions to help you overcome excess fear and anxiety for good

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Feel Good About Yourself Pack

Feel Good About Yourself

5 carefully selected hypnosis audios to gently change your unconscious attitudes to yourself

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