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44 Tips to Boost Low Self Esteem

What is self esteem? It's a measure of how you think and feel about yourself in relation to other people. If you always imagine other people are 'better' than you, you will be likely to lack confidence, feel anxious, and generally think negatively. This is actually unfair - to you!

The Astonishing Power of Placebo

The human brain is an 'anticipation machine': it is organized to act on what we predict will happen next. This idea, known as expectancy theory, helps explain why the mental constructs we develop in our daily lives are as influential in defining our reality as the activities we undertake - maybe even more so.

Why Did They Do That?!

People can be baffling sometimes, and getting better at observing others and reading their intentions can improve your personal and professional life – and sometimes help you to help them.

Self Sabotage in Relationships: 8 Love-Destroying Behaviours You Must Avoid

By thinking calmly and carefully about what you do in relationships, and considering whether any relationship-sabotaging behaviours seem familiar, you can become more purposeful in the way you approach your relationship.

5 Fulfilling Ways to Control Your Hunger

There is evidence to show that both the dangerously obese and the dangerously underfed are both undernourished. In other words, it's possible to be eating vast amounts and still be underfed.