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Can Hypnosis Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Why hypnotherapy may be the very best cure for psychological impotence.

5 Ways to Slow Your Heart Rate During Anxiety or a Panic Attack

Here I want to reassure you about the fast heartbeat that can be associated with stress and anxiety, and give you five tips to quickly slow your heart rate to a normal speed.

How to Deal with the Control Freak

Is there a control freak in your life? Maybe you're in an intimate relationship with a control freak or perhaps you work with one. Here are some ideas that helped me deal with a control freak.

7 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

Fear should keep us alert and safe - like the beam from a lighthouse warning ships of submerged dangers. But too much fear, like a super-beam of light blinding the ship's captain, can cause the loss of the very thing we feared losing.

Instant Inductions: Why Surprise and Shock Put You into Hypnosis

What comes to mind when you think of hypnosis? Comfort? Calm? Deep relaxation and rest? This is the way it is usually done. But there is another kind of hypnosis. One that happens to every one of us in everyday life.