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How do I respond when my friend mocks me in public?

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How do I answer when a friend is making fun of me or mocking me in front of people? Is there some cool or charismatic way to answer it?

This question was submitted by 'Hazel'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Hazel and thank you for writing in.

Well, I would question whether this person really is a friend. Because, unless you are being too sensitive, if they really do mock you in public and it's clear you are not comfortable with that, then they are no friend at all.

But that aside, I think you could repeat over and over that what they say about you is really a description of them. You could even say, 'At least I don't have to mock my so-called friends in public to try to build myself up.' And you could say that with a smile.

But the best response is to remember the words of the wise: The answer to a fool is silence.

All best wishes,


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