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How do I overcome the effects of shock?

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Hi Mark,

I was reading your 'shock hypnosis' page and would like to know how to get out of shock like when a death occurs or someone attacks you. My manifesting skills stop each and every time something like this happens and my life gets turned upside down, to the point where even my income stops. Could you please make some suggestions? Many thanks. :)

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mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello and thank you for your question.

Shock can take many forms: from disbelief to the formation of obsession and even constant flashbacks and feelings of dread, sorrow, and panic. When someone dies unexpectedly (or even when it was expected), it's natural to feel shock, just as it is if you are attacked. I hope these kinds of events are not too frequent and that you are safe and meeting your primal human needs as far as possible.

When you talk of your 'manifesting skills' being unable to help with feelings of shock, do you mean the philosophy of the so-called 'law of attraction'? As far as I can see from that particular ideology, there is nothing in it that will give you the psychological tools or principles to overcome trauma. And please don't buy into the belief that on some level you 'attracted' these events into your life!

Take a look at 'Let Go of the Past' and consider the principles I describe there for moving on from trauma. It's natural to feel 'knocked sideways' for a while after a shock and to find it difficult to work. But it's important to work at continuing to meet your primal human needs during this time and, if you do suffer flashbacks, to find a professional who understands how trauma works and can help lift it quickly and comfortably.

All best wishes for your future,


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