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Reviewed by Roger Elliott, co-founder, Hypnosis

I met James Manktelow, the owner of when I approached him to join our hypnosis affiliate program several years ago. I was impressed by the depth and quality of resources at, which is one of the most popular sites of its type on the web.

MindTools provides a wide range of business-related products including Time Management, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills and Project Planning. The key characteristic of MindTools products and information is their accuracy and detail. You won't find any outrageous claims here - everything is rigorously researched and supported - James has recruited experts from around the globe to create the MindTools resource.

What does

The modern executive cannot afford to sit still. We all subscribe nowadays to the concept of continual improvement, or lifelong learning. Personal development plans are de-rigeur to ensure we keep moving forward, and goal setting is standard practice for anyone in business, whatever level you work at. With this, products and services to meet this need have proliferated - there is no shortage of people out there claiming to make you more effective.

I use a couple of MindTools products myself - the Make Time for Success ebook and the Leadership Skills ebook. I have many books and online resources on both topics and the MindTools books are the only ones I use on a regular basis. I find that when I use products such as these, it helps me focus when I know that the information I am getting is reliable. That way, I'm not using part of my brain to critique what I'm reading, instead of concentrating fully on learning.

MindTools now

MindTools' latest offering is the Career Excellence Club, a membership community of like-minded career-focused people. James has told me the Club contains unique articles and products only available to members, and a busy forum staffed by experts. I haven't joined yet, but if it's anything like the rest of the MindTools offerings, it will overdeliver.

The only thing I would say about MindTools is that there is so much information there, you have to know what you are looking for. But if you do, you can be sure you're getting reliable information and tools. I strongly recommend MindTools as an outstanding resource for success-minded people. You can visit MindTools here.

Reviewed by Roger Elliott, co-founder, Hypnosis