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What you get with the Growth Zone

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How the Growth Zone Works

Each credit can be used to download an audio hypnosis session or written script. Credits can also be used against courses and any other products on our site. Once purchased, your products will be available instantly in your account, which you can access through the website or our dedicated App for Apple and Android.

4 reasons why self hypnosis is so important

Keep Moving and Stay on Track

Do you sometimes feel like your goals and aspirations are written in disappearing ink?

Have you noticed how many of your good intentions somehow vanish from your brain? No matter how powerful your initial enthusiasm, life just gets in the way of your aims. You know what you should be doing to get ahead, but other things always seem to stop you.

Or no matter how much you try to fix a problem consciously, it just refuses to budge? Using our self hypnosis sessions not only helps you get you where you want to go, you instinctively learn to use your mind in a much more productive and effective way.

Have you ever felt as if your goals vanish into thin air as soon as they're set? Or perhaps that despite your conscious efforts, some problems remain unsolved? Our advanced hypnosis sessions facilitate an internal shift, helping you to use your mind in a remarkably effective and productive way.

Without regular refocusing, life de-prioritizes YOU!

With the best will in the world, most of us are so busy that our most important goals simply sink out of sight. The Growth Zone will keep your brain in tip-top condition while ensuring you stay focused on your personal growth goals.

We all know that to keep fit, we have to exercise regularly, but our mental fitness is left to take care of itself. Determination, creativity, confidence; they all need keeping in shape.

Once you discover how to make hypnosis an everyday activity it will be your friend for life.