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There are 4 things everyone should learn about hypnosis:

1) All hypnosis is not the same

As with anything, there is good, bad and indifferent hypnosis. At Hypnosis Downloads, all our hypnosis is cutting-edge, 'indirect' hypnosis. There's no "You are feeling more and more sleepy", no 'subliminals' and no "You are 100% confident because the power of the universe is flowing through you". Instead, our approaches are all based on proven psychological priniciples to give you what you need, quickly and comfortably.

How do I know if I can be hypnotized?

Have you ever heard the idea that some people can't be hypnotized? Well that came about because old-fashioned hypnotists would order people around, (you know the sort of thing: "Your eyes are heavy, you are getting sleepy"). Most people don't enjoy that, so they wouldn't go into hypnosis - it's as simple as that.

When you experience the wonderful sensation of being gently directed how to use your mind to create an incredible state of internal calm, you will learn just what hypnosis is, and why you can do it.

2) Hypnosis is a powerful, effective and 100% natural part of you

The ability to go into hypnosis is as much a part of being a human being as speech.

If you couldn't go into hypnosis, you wouldn't be able to learn, to sleep, or to get yourself nervous by doing 'negative self hypnosis'. (You know when you imagine things going wrong and it makes you feel anxious? Well that's hypnosis!)

Over the last century thousands of pieces of research have been carried out by highly trained professionals into clinical hypnosis, the most powerful tool we posess for improved performance and change.

At last, hypnosis is moving out of the realm of wizards, magicians and magic and into the clear light of modern science - exactly where it belongs.

3) In hypnosis, you are in control

Crazy news stories, stage hypnotists and gossip has led many people to believe that when you are in hypnosis, you are under someone else's control. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you are hypnotized, you are just really relaxed and focused - in fact, the most common comment is "Was I hypnotized?". The only reason people stay in hypnosis is because it feels fantastic. Any time they want to, they can get up and walk away.

4) Going into hypnosis isn't the same as being asleep

People often say things like "I could hear every word you were saying", or "I felt like I could open my eyes if I wanted to". It is vital to learn that hypnosis isn't like being asleep - you can be aware of everything around you, just like when you meditate (in fact the two states are nearly identical). In hypnosis, you simply have a stronger focus internally, plus wonderful deep relaxation.

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