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Mark Tyrrell, Co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads
"I've distilled all I've learned about success from hundreds of clients and my own journey from working 3 minimum wage jobs to being a 7 figure business owner. Now I can work when I want, where I want. Here's my story..."

I've been poor.

I've worked every hour God sent, just to stop from getting more in debt.

I've craved more time with my children while knowing I couldn't afford the time off work.

I've worked tough jobs: factory work, social care, call centers, even a psychiatric hospital.

I've made the same mistakes as everyone else when it comes to money and being successful.

Now, although I run a 7 figure business, I'll never forget those days. But I can look back and see precisely what changed to turn me from a minimum wage slave into a ‘work when I want' lifestyle business owner.

And during that time, hundreds of people have told me what held them back too.

Now I want to share that with you.

Because the thing is, I'm no different to the guy who once washed floors for a living, apart from a few key changes in mindset.

And those changes made all the difference.

The hidden beliefs that were blocking my success

The hidden beliefs that block your success

One thing I used to believe was “if you work hard, success will come”... Well I was working hard, believe me. But all that came was tiredness and hardly enough money to keep my family afloat.

But, as I started to see clients as a hypnotherapist, I met one person after another who had the same beliefs, and was stuck in the same situation.

When someone comes into your therapy room, they tell you everything. And I mean everything.

You don't get the sanitized, self-flattering version that you'd hear at a dinner party.

No, people who come for help succeeding in their lives open their hearts to you. And so I really got to the truth about what stops people succeeding.

At that time, I met my now business partner of 20+ years, Roger Elliott. Roger had a very different way of going about things to me, and as we started working together, things began to change.

Now we're running a 7-figure business, and I work when I want, from wherever I want. We work on projects that inspire us - and we're able to spend lots of time with our families, pursue interests and travel.

The differences between the old me and me today are now clear to me. If only I'd known about the power of the unconscious mind a lot earlier, then things could have been very different when my kids were young.

So just like what happened to me, I'd like to help you dissolve the ideas that are holding you back, to remove the limiting beliefs that keep you thinking small, and set you on the path for stellar success, whatever that means to you.

“I've read a lot of books on success. What makes this one different?”

Let's be clear: this program isn't a book.

I'm not going to criticize books - I love reading them as much as the next guy. Stories about success and pearls of wisdom can be really inspiring.

But you might have noticed something.

You read a book, come across a piece of wisdom, have an ‘aha!' moment, but then a few days later… you're back to your normal ways and that pearl of wisdom hasn't stuck.

That's what 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset does differently.

Without hypnosis - ideas just bounce off

It uses hypnosis.

Without hypnosis, ideas just bounce off

Hypnosis is what made the difference to me. Whenever I came across an idea or attitude that I wanted to make into a habit, I would use hypnosis.

Our uncommon approach to hypnosis ensures new attitudes soak deep into your unconscious mind.

That way, adopting successful habits will feel natural and not just be some ‘add on' that you forget when you get busy.

The unconscious mind is so fast you can't see it move

Have you ever smelt a smell that zooms you back in time to an old memory, with all the feelings you had then, instantly?

Or lived through a dream so real you couldn't believe it wasn't true when you woke up?

That's how blisteringly fast and stunningly powerful the unconscious mind is.

Because hypnosis doesn't just embed the mindset of success. Hypnosis helps you use your unconscious mind in many other ways - giving you a laser-like focus, unshakeable determination and a strong vision of the future.

Imagine what it will be like to have all that power at your disposal, working 24/7 for you behind the scenes, driving you towards your success.

Why I can help you become successful

  1. Hypnosis Downloads founders Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell enjoying a coffee in The Chocolate Shop, Oban.I run a 7 figure business that my business partner and I built from scratch. No loans, no investors - just us.

  2. I know what's stopping you from succeeding. In the therapy room, my clients tell me their biggest fears and I see their greatest emotional blocks.

  3. I've personally helped people succeed. In my 20+ years as a therapist I've helped people with all sorts of success, from top athletes needing to ‘get in the zone' to successful authors struggling with writer's block.

What are the 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset?

Step 1 - Think Big

1) Think Big

Break out of the hidden box around your thinking and give your ideas the chance to stretch their wings.

Step 2 - Success Motivation

2) Success Motivation

Program your unconscious mind deep down with the reasons you want to succeed, so that even during the hard times, that foundation of motivation will stay with you.

Step 3 - Believe In Yourself

3) Believe in Yourself

It's easy to doubt yourself, especially if you're used to others doubting you. Reset your self-belief to what it should be, and listen whenever you need a boost.

Step 4 - Self Discipline

4) Self-Discipline

If there's one thing you need for long-term success, it's self-discipline. Evaporate the power of distractions to pull you off track, and develop iron-strong self-control.

Step 5 - Fear of Failure

5) Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is such a common unconscious fear, programmed into us at school, making us scared to put everything we've got into something in case people see how ‘useless' we really are. Ensure any fear of failure is dissolved and feel the freedom to try anything.

Step 6 - Overcome Procrastination

6) Overcome Procrastination

Get rid of the biggest success-suck once and for all. Understand why you procrastinate and re-educate your unconscious mind to get things done faster than ever before.

Step 7 - Plan Your Future

7) Plan Your Future

Use the power of hypnosis to fix a blueprint for the future in your unconscious mind, so you're driving powerfully towards your desired future even when you're not thinking about it.

Step 8 - Act on your Ideas

8) Act on Your Ideas

Turn your thoughts into focused, purposeful action and avoid the actions and thoughts that sap the will to succeed.

Step 9 - Concentration and Focus

9) Concentration and Focus

Develop the laser-like focus and concentration that you see in all successful people to ensure you stay on track and use the full power of your brain.

Step 10 - Reach Your Goals

10) Reach Your Goals

Forget conscious goal setting. Use the power of deep hypnosis to drive your goals deep into your brain's center of motivation, the unconscious mind.

10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset eBook cover

How the program works:

I've poured everything I know from my business experience and my years as a therapist into this brand new multimedia course.

10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset contains a 199 page eBook, 10 carefully crafted hypnosis downloads, Progress Checkers and assignments.

After reading the first chapter, your mind is optimized to benefit from the specially tailored hypnosis session that follows.

You listen to this session once a day for a week (or whatever feels right to you), and when you're done you assess yourself using the Progress Checkers.

Feel free to go faster or slower through certain steps. This is your program, and your road to success.

How to use the program:

Preview of the 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset eBook

The workbook takes you through every step, discussing the psychology of success, with tips, case studies and exercises to stimulate your thinking. After you've read the very first chapter, your future will start to feel very different indeed.

Motivation is built-in

Fill in the Progress Checker when you start each step and see how you're doing. The Progress Checker makes a number of statements on the topic covered in that step, and asks you to indicate how true these statements are when applied to you, giving you a clear and simple way to monitor your progress. Keeping tabs on yourself like this makes you more aware of small improvements and helps you to stay committed.

10 hypnosis sessions make your learning permanent

Each step in the program is supported by a specific audio download to provide a deeper, unconscious level of change and create new, more helpful patterns of behavior.  Each deeply relaxing audio allows you to take time out for yourself and recharge your mind and body, opening yourself to a more mindful place. All you have to do is tap play on your audio player, lay back, absorb and let your unconscious do the hard work.

Both head and heart are taken care of

The workbook gives you the 'head' knowledge and the audios give you the ‘heart' knowledge, helping you make emotional updates that change how you feel. To bring the head and heart together, we've included tried-and-tested exercises to tackle different aspect of success in detail. These exercises will help you break through to the next step on your success journey. You can move onto the next step whenever you're ready.

You can take 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset on your computer, tablet or phone and listen to your downloads wherever you are.

You can read 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

My promise to you...

Mark Tyrrell, author of 10 Steps to a Stellar Success MindsetDid you know most people who read this page will not necessarily buy Stellar Success?

It's not because they are afraid, it's not because they are lazy, it's because they decide they are too busy right now to take out their credit card and make the purchase.

But let's look at the cost of what might happen if you do that.

You might forget about this product because you've got a busy life … and for the rest of your life you might be struggling with your success levels.

This might be your only chance to get rid of those unconscious blocks and free up your true success potential.

Now we all know about realistic goals, and I'm sure you know that you're not going to suddenly earn $1 million if you buy Stellar Success.

You're probably fairly sure you're not going to earn an extra $10,000 in the next month either. In fact, you really have no idea about how much more money it will help bring you.

But please, give hypnosis a try, I bet you'll wish you'd tried it earlier. And of course, you know it's got a 90 day refund guarantee so you can feel confident to try it today.

To your stellar success,

Mark Tyrrell signatureMark Tyrrell
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10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset (with Bonus: Overcoming Fear of Success)

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